23 Reasons to Have a Tenor as a Dad

1) If you get lost, you can always hear him over a crowd.

2) Every thing that happens is a new musical adventure.

3) He may be bland, in a romantic sort of way, but at least he is not a bumbling old person, an evil villain, or a doctor.

4) Instead of going to boring meetings on “Take Your Child to Work Day,” you get to listen to symphonies and watch sword fighting.

5) It’s like living with Mary Poppins; all singing, all dancing, all magic.

6) You never have to worry about being that spoiled rich kid.

7) Other kids get “Rockabye Baby.”  You get “Nessun Dorma.”

8) You will never be scared of heights.

9) When he gets a cool gig, you get a cool vacation.

10) If you ever break your leg, he won’t be upset.

11) When you get in trouble he can fix it with a note for the teacher.

12) There’s nobody better to help you through all of life’s stages.

13) You may not learn how to sit quietly, but you will learn the art of the dramatic entrance.

14) Opera scores make great booster seats.

15) You will always have a Daddy to play dress-up with.

16) It’s pretty cool when you get to wander around backstage.

17) He can help you with your make-up.

18) Free voice lessons.

19) If you are sent home for getting high, he will ask you which note.

20) To get out of trouble, just start singing something.  He’ll sing along, and eventually you will have both forgotten about the problem.

21) You will have memorized several operas by age 6.

22) Bragging rights to other audience members.

23) Your childhood will be well documented on his blog.

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