8 Things to Do When You’re Having a Bad Day

1) Stop having a bad day.  Seriously, it is up to you how your day is going, don’t you think?  Just decide that you are having a good day instead.  Then starting acting like it.

2) Make a list of all the bad things.  Then create an addendum to the list that indicates how you are going to make all of the bad things good.  Nothing ruins a good problem more than a possible solution.

3) Make a list of all the good things.  Surely something good happened today.  Or yesterday.  Or will happen tomorrow.  You have blessings in your life.  Count them.  They will outnumber the bad things.

4) Wear a ridiculous hat in public.  It is very hard to be in a bad mood when every time you walk by someone you bring a smile to their face.  Plus, look in the mirror.  You look crazy.  Smile.

5) Sing.  Perhaps a happy song will cheer you up.  Or sing the blues.  That’s what the blues are for.  And if you can play the harmonica, it’s even better.  If you can’t play the harmonica, then take the rest of the day off and teach yourself.  Yes, you can.  Nothing was going right today anyway, so today can suck it.  Do you hear me, responsibilities of today?!  I am ditching you to teach myself the harmonica!

6) Help someone else.  There’s nothing to take your mind off of your own problems like someone else’s problems.  And even if you can’t solve your own, solving any sort of problem has got to be some sort of a win after the day you’ve had.

7) Drink heavily.  I mean it.  Have an extra Coca-Cola.  Sometimes I like three with dinner, if the day is going that badly.  Or maybe an extra slice of dessert.  Treat yo’self!  Just don’t drink too much alcohol.  It is a depressant.  Sure, you start out feeling a bit better, but then you end up sobbing to the bartender.

8) Invite your friends to like Tenor Dad’s Facebook page.  No, it won’t help you at all, but it will make me feel better!  I’m only four likes away from 500!  Surely you know someone that would enjoy, um, whatever it is that this is.  Right?  Anyway, cheer up.  It’s not so bad.  It’s only a bad day.  I still love you.  And tomorrow will be better.  Probably.

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