A Day in the Life 2

The second post that I ever wrote here was called A Day in the Life, and  it was the story of a typical day in life of a Tenor Dad.  But that was when I was mostly a Dad.  Now that I am mostly a Tenor, it occurs to me that you might be interested in knowing what goes on in during a typical day as an opera singer in New York City.  So here goes.

It was a Tuesday morning, around 8 am, and I was sleeping.  Then it was a Tuesday morning, around 9 am, and I was sleeping.  10 am?  Yup, still sleeping.  Ah, the life of an opera singer.  I finally managed to drag myself out of couch at around 10:30 and take a shower.  I did mention that I am sleeping on a couch, didn’t I?  While in New York, I am staying with Simone’s Uncle Kevin.  He is super awesome for letting me stay here, and also super hilarious, because all he does is work.  He has no, internet, no cable TV, no computer, nothing.  I am lucky there is electricity and running water.  Last night he said “You know young kids, always taking about TV.  Some people know every show that is on TV!  They know all the characters, and everything!  I’ve never even SEEN Dancing with the Wolves!”

So I got out of the shower, got dressed, and got out my iPhone to look at the picture of the day’s schedule which I had snapped the day before.  It said rehearsal was at 1:30.  Perfect.  Plenty of time.  It was now around 11, so I updated my blog and then reviewed my food truck list.  There are several food trucks on the list that are only open for lunch, and only open far away from Lincoln Center, but today I had no morning rehearsal.  The perfect chance to go find a far off food truck.

I decided on the Schnitzel Truck, and checked their twitter feed.  It said they had just opened up at 47th and 5th.  I could just make it there, have lunch, and be back for rehearsal.  Wonderful.  I hopped on the subway and before I knew it, I was walking towards the Schnitzel Truck.  When I got there, the truck was all closed up, but there were people around eating schnitzel.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe they were on a break?  I walked up to the truck to ask them about it, just as the truck pulled away from the curb and drove away.  So I ran out into the street in hot pursuit.

So there I am yelling and chasing the Schnitzel Truck down the street, when I come to the sad conclusion that I am not, in fact, faster than a speeding Schnitzel Truck.  I am sad.  I am confused.  I am hungry.  I check their twitter feed again, and it has been updated 6 seconds ago to say: “Cops are shutting us down. We are forced to move. Right in the middle of lunch service.”  I check my list, and Steak Truck is supposed to be just a few blocks away.  I’m really cutting it close on time now, but I think I can make it if I run.  So I run.

Steak Truck is nowhere to be found.  I looked everywhere.  Now I have 45 minutes to make it to rehearsal and I am very far away.  I run until I find a subway and jump on.  For some reason I think to myself that the 59th street stop will be closer to the stage door of the Koch Theater than the Lincoln Center stop, so I get off.  This is not true.  Despite all my logic to the contrary, the Lincoln Center stop turns out to be much closer to Lincoln Center than the 59th street stop.  Now I am really running, looking anywhere for food.  Please, a Subway, a Chipotle, a freaking hot dog cart, anything!

I arrive at the theater with no food and only four minutes to spare.  So I go in and start asking colleagues if they have any food.  I manage to get some peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets and a piece of candied coconut.  Then I sit back and watch the principal cast run the show with the orchestra.  Of course I have seen it before, many times, so this is not that interesting at this point, although it is always nice to hear the orchestra.

After a dinner break (finally, some real food!) I go back to watch another run of the show, this time on stage, with lots of stopping and starting so they can check lights, sound, etc.  Luckily I have downloaded the Carcassonne app on my iPhone, so the cover cast takes turns playing their turns when their counterparts are not singing on stage.  an exciting life to be sure.

The rehearsal finishes at 10:45 and I start the walk back to Uncle Kevin’s.  I get home around 11:15 and turn on the TV.  Uncle Kevin is already sleeping, so I get my computer out, blog a little, play games a little, and sometime after midnight (or 1 am, I don’t remember, it was late) shut everything down and get ready for couch.  Sweet, sweet couch.

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  1. Picturing you running after the Schnitzel truck made me laugh out loud. Wish I could see the show (with you in it, of course)! It sounds exciting, even though you’re trying to make it sound not exciting. 🙂

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