All Clear!

While I generally try to keep things entertaining around here, to varying degrees of success, my original mission statement from my very first post was to keep people somewhat informed of things that are going on with me and my family.  That’s why I posted with great sadness that my son Edward had had a seizure almost two weeks ago.  Well, partly to keep people informed, and partly to process my own feelings about it.

Anyway, I figured you can’t post something like that and then not give people an update, so I just wanted to let you all know that he finally had his tests, and he got the “all clear” in pretty much every way possible.  No seizures during the EEG, brain waves look normal, so he most probably does not have epilepsy like his sister does.  He has what they refer to as a “low seizure threshold.”  Basically, if all the conditions are right, like he gets way too worked up while also overtired and/or sick, he has a greater chance to have a seizure than a normal person.  It’s why he had a febrile seizure in the Fall, and it’s why he had one again the other day.

So basically, it might never happen again.  Or it might, and we just have to monitor him and his situation a little more carefully.  But we don’t have to worry about him randomly going around seizing on the jungle gym, or while swimming, or anything terrifying like that.

This is good news, and it has probably alleviated up to 15% of my stress and worry over the whole situation.  I’m still watching him closely, and I’m still worried, but this is very positive, and thank you all for your overwhelming support, prayers, and good vibes.  And I promise that tomorrow’s post will be about something ridiculously stupid that I did.

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