An Apology to My Wife For Something That Wasn’t My Fault

Some would say a Supermom
is one who always stays at home
Lunch maker and bedtime queen, or
Homework helper. Bedroom cleaner.
Never leaving them alone.
Playdate hostess. Chaperone.
Ever watching, ever there
How else would they know you care?

Others say that what you need
is just to model and succeed.
Big career and big degree
Reach your goals and let them see.
Teach them to feel good inside
Fight for equal rights. Provide.
Though it’s hard you’ve got to try.
Give your kids the wings to fly.

Both of these are good I guess,
But I know neither one’s the best.
Moms whose kids are their whole lives?
Glad those ladies aren’t my wives. (ugh)
And the moms who work, work, work,
Rarely home? That mom’s a jerk.
None of these at all compare
To what I see standing there.

Conferences and presentations?
Better use up some vacation.
Never missing an event,
No one wondering where she went.
Taking classes, working hard,
Walking kids to the schoolyard.
Always forward, on she trucks,
Even when her husband sucks,

Don’t think I can name another…
Perfect woman. Perfect mother.

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