Awareness of Poop

I am currently in Florida spending my time as “Tenor,” and so there have not been a lot of “Dad” posts in recent weeks.  I am, however, excited to share some wonderful news with you.  Edward has taken his first step towards the most urgent and important of parenting goals: potty training.


The first step to solving a problem is, of course, realizing that you have a problem, and we have made a breakthrough!  Apparently, the other day, Edward not only pooped in his diaper, but then walked over to my mother-in-law, pointed at his diaper, and then attempted to remove it himself.  This was a terrible idea on his part, but still an important milestone.

If he knows that he has pooped, and that steps must be taken post-pooping, then he is one step closer to recognizing pre-pooping signs, and one step closer to modifying the post-pooping steps from “take off my own diaper and widly fling feces about the house” to “wipe butt, flush.”  I long for the day when this becomes a reality, as diapers are expensive and poop is gross.

Note to Future Edward: Do not be mad that I am discussing such things in public.  We all were in diapers once and you have been, as a general rule, way less gross than your sister.

Note to Future Ruby: No, you are not gross.  I have no idea where your brother heard that from.  We both know he is the gross one.

And so we conclude today’s missive, looking with renewed hope toward a future in which I have to touch less poop, and a future in which Edward becomes less and less like a baby and more and more like an independent person.  Hmmmm.  Actually, maybe I wouldn’t mind changing a few more diapers after all.

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