Bad Friday

When I was a kid, I could not fathom why this day should be called “Good Friday.” Easter, sure, that could be called “Good Sunday,” but Friday was not good. It was, in fact, very, very bad. Good Friday might be the day that most exemplifies the worst in humanity. Our tendency to judge others; our tendency to go along with the crowd, even when we know it is not exactly the best thing to be doing; our willingness to condemn; and our penchant to think that we know what we are talking about when all of the facts have not been confirmed for us. In fact, they might as well call this “Social Media Friday.”

So why is this not called “Bad Friday?” Well, I understand a little better now. I understand the power of sacrifice. I understand that spring means nothing without winter. I understand that Easter is the frosting, and Good Friday is the cake. I am a parent. I have sacrificed. I get it now. At least I get it a little more than I did. I know the extreme feeling of love that accompanies not only giving to your children, but giving up for your children. I can feel the place that it comes from, and it is truly good.

Would it be nice if all the bad things were gone from this world? You know, I’m not sure. There have been countless “utopian” fictions written about such scenarios, and it never seems to go well. We are not perfect people, so we can’t have a perfect world. In fact, we don’t even really want one. We want the highs and lows of life both, and the lower the lows, the higher the highs. So spend today being thankful for what you’ve lost and the things that are not going well for you right now. Because life is a cycle, and the things that hold you down today are the very things that will lift you up tomorrow. Good Friday indeed.

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