Blogging with Siri: let’s see if this works!

I woke up this morning having not written anything for this blog. My children have both been sick recently, and I just haven’t had the chance to get it done. This morning I didn’t have the chance either because we had to go out, so I wondered how I was going to get something written today. All I have is my phone, which, as I have mentioned before in these pages, is very annoying to logon. I see that Siri has already written logon instead of blog on which is what I said, but I’ve decided, in the spirit of experimentation, to just let Siri write my blog for me as I dictated, and I’m not going to go back and make any changes. Let’s see how well AutoCorrect and Siri can understand what I’m saying, and maybe we’ll have some fun too.

The reason we couldn’t be in the house this morning, is because formates came over to clean the entire place for us. This was a Valentine’s Day present for my wife, which had to be postponed from last week because of sick children, and almost had to be postponed this week as well. I know that it doesn’t seem like a very romantic Valentine’s Day present, because it kind of tells my wife that I’m a terrible housekeeper, but I know that what she really wants most of the world is a clean house. And doggone it, I’m going to give it to her.

Currently I’m with my children at the echo science Center, where we just listen to story time, and are now splashing other children violently at the water table. Wanted table seems like a terrible place to experiment with my phone, but I do not have a waterproof phone case, but beggars can’t be choosers, so here I am. Hey quick review of this blog has revealed a few errors already, and my OCD is going out-of-control crazy, but I’m going to let them stand, because this is an experiment, and I want to know just how accurate Siri is at hearing what I’m saying, & correctly translating it into blog form. Siri is actually doing pretty well, considering. Although, I have been told that I have excellent diction, so I wonder if a non-the classically trained opera singer would have more problems with this experiment that I would. And. Perhaps I will need a larger test group to make this experiment valid.

Hey way, we’re having fun at the water table, at least one of my children is completely drenched and ringing water out of their shirts, and big fun is being had by all. In case you’re not aware, the reason I have both of my children all week, is not only because they are repeatedly violently ill, but because it is school vacation week. Yeah hey. Yeah hey. Yeah hey. Okay, no matter how hard I try, Siri will not recognize me saying the word why a Y. Also, apparently I cannot spell things to her. This is good to know. What an interesting experiment.

Actually, this probably is not a very interesting experiment at all. I’m sure others have done it previously, and better. Also, a lot of people are giving me weird looks. I think maybe I should stop this experiment, and just go play with my children, and also make them stop fighting with the other children, and also make some stop hitting dinosaurs with other dinosaurs, and also, why other dinosaurs in the water table?

So thanks for indulging me in this experiment. Hopefully I will have more time tonight and tomorrow to write a far better post for your Wednesday enjoyment. But for now I will sign off and say, thank you Siri for all of your help and support, and perhaps, in an extreme emergency, I will use you again. Now, let’s go home and see how clean my house is excavation

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