Blogs on a Plane 2: Not on a Plane

I don’t think he made his connecting flight. But who knows? Maybe they held the plane for him. At any rate, I had finally made it to New York. Now I just had to figure out how to get from LaGuardia to my wife’s uncle’s apartment in Manhattan. I looked up the bus and subway routes on my trusty iPhone and went outside, where my bus was waiting for me right there. Fortunately, the bus only took change, and not dollars, so I couldn’t get on.

I say fortunately, because it was around this time that I remembered that I had checked a bag. I never check bags when I fly, but it’s hard to fit 8 weeks into a carry on. I went in to find a change machine, and there was my lonely suitcase, circling the baggage claim area like a sad vulture. I grabbed my luggage, got $3 in quarters and sat down to wait for the next bus.

I actually managed to get to Simone’s uncle’s office without a hitch, other than when I got there he had no idea I was coming. “I thought you were coming in October,” he said. Oh well. I got the keys and then made the ridiculously stupid decision to walk from there to the apartment. Across Central Park. Carrying 3 suitcases. In loafers.

It only took me an hour, and when I arrived I wanted to pass out and/or die, but I decided on a shower instead. This was when I opened my suitcase to find two things. The first was a lovely note from the TSA letting me know that they had inspected my bag and repacked it. The second was that my Costco-sized shampoo bottle, which I had sealed in two ziploc bags and wrapped repeatly with packing tape and then stuffed into some pants, had been removed from said packaging, and had poured out all over my suitcase.

The shampoo was now also all over me, and the floor of the apartment. I definitely owe Simone’s uncle a new roll of paper towels (or two). I got most of it mopped up and into the kitchen sink, at which point I made the fatal error of turning on the water.

Now, I don’t know if any of you have ever used shampoo before, but it tends to get a bit sudsy when sprayed with water. The sud monster quickly grew out of control, so I grabbed for the sprayer next to the faucet. Sadly, I picked it up by the squeezer and sprayed myself in the face with water, which was now also pooling on the kitchen floor. This was not how I had envisioned my shower.

I eventually got everything cleaned up, although my suitcase still has puddles of shampoo on the bottom, and I am still excited to be here. New York is an exciting place with adventures to be had around every corner. Specifically the corner of Simone’s uncle’s apartment.

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  1. Remind me to tell you the story of when your Aunt Jennifer filled the soap dispenser in our dishwasher with palmolive dish soap. Have you ever walked in knee high bubbles through your kitchen?

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