If You Don’t Win, It Isn’t Not Worth It

This past weekend, professional football player James Harrison, who is not so famous that people who don’t follow football have ever heard of him, posted this picture to instagram. It is a picture of two trophies that his sons received for participating in sports, and which he forced them to return to the school. He […]

A Troubling Detail in the DCF Murder Case

Last Friday, a terrible, unthinkable tragedy occurred less than an hour from my home. It happened to someone that some of my family knew and respected. At 4:45, as she was leaving the office to go home to her husband and two children, Lara Sobel was brutally murdered with a high caliber hunting rifle by […]

Thou Shalt Not Break

Despite some opinions to the contrary by the doggedly non-religious, the ten commandments are actually still a pretty good set of rules to live life by. I like to think they would be my innately known moral rules, regardless of religious upbringing. Stripped of Judeo-Christian trappings, they boil down to these simple life guidelines: 1. […]

Late Night Escape

It was bedtime. Past bedtime, if you must. He and I trudged upstairs where it was made very clear that I would be sharing the big bed tonight. There was no fight about this; everyone was too tired. I settled him down next to me as I pretended to be ready for bed myself. I […]

Taking a Break

As you know by now, my wife is off at grad school and I am home alone with the children for 3 1/2 weeks. Yes, there have been some pitfalls. Yes, there have been both fires and injuries, but we’re okay. Mostly. And then, on Monday afternoon, local superwoman Rumple Station appeared at my door […]

The Final Countdown

“I only have 16 days of school left,” my daughter said nonchalantly as we walked home on Wednesday afternoon. A feeling of terror crept over my body. Could this be true? Could this possibly be true? No! There was no way. “No, that can’t be,” I said. “You have two weeks in June, so that’s […]

Love and Marriage (and Sex)

Something has gone wrong with my awesome parenting. I think I have screwed up “the talk.” I have explained to my daughter how babies are made, and I think she understands the engineering part of it all, but somewhere along the line her glossary got a bit jumbled. I realized this a week or so ago, […]

I Blinked and I Missed It

Hello, my name is Tenor Dad and I am an American. As a citizen of the United States I feel as though I am entitled to all of the things at all of the times in all of the places. The idea of choosing some things while not choosing others is only acceptable to me if […]

It’s Not You; It’s Me. No. It’s Us.

I was at church the other day, doing something churchy most likely, when I heard banging coming from the piano. Just the familiar sounds of someone smashing away on the keys with untrained abandon, causing complete cacophony. Without even registering the thought properly, I yelled out “Edward!” And then, as the banging continued, I realized […]

Put Your Farts On

Johnny Cash was a parent, and you can tell this in his classic song “I Walk the Line.” Yes, that is what we do all day long. Whether it is walking the fine line between freedom and discipline, or the line between nurture and self-preservation, we parents are well versed in the art of line […]