There is No Terror Like a Lost Child

There a lot of things to be afraid of in life. Some things are good, healthy fears, like the fear of fire or speeding cars. Most of our fears are stupid though, and we know this. We are lied to, tricked, and manipulated every day by businesses, politicians, the media, and whomever else has something […]

I Swear This Was Not My Idea!

No, seriously. This was not my idea. I was just sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when Edward came up to me with the roll of tape. He was being loud, as usual, and I was concerned with our dwindling tape supply after the previous few tape incidents. Last time he’d found the […]

Why I Stopped Saying I Was Fat

If the scientists of the world came together in the lab and worked for years to create a kind of sponge-mirror, both perfectly absorbing and reflective, they would, at the end of it all, have wasted their time, because it would have been far quicker to just have a child. Any parent will tell you […]

A Quick Plunge Over a Tall Cliff

I was not going to be late this time. My wife and daughter were jumping into the icy lake at 11:00 sharp. I was home with the boy, and we were going to be out the door at 10:30, and no later. I looked at my watch at 10:35 and shouted “Edward! Get your stuff […]

Why I Was Not Mad At My Wife

It was Wednesday, which meant that I had to pick the girl up from climbing. The boy did not want to go. I had left him home once before when I biked over to get her at top speed, but it was too snowy and icy to bike now, and I was not going to […]

Disney On Ice – Turns Out It’s A Lot of Ice Skating

When I was a kid, watching Saturday morning cartoons, there was nothing so tantalizingly amazing as the commercials for Disney on Ice.  Disneyland?  Yeah, we knew we were probably not going there, but Disney on Ice?!  That was coming to US!  Chances are you knew way more people who had been to Disney on Ice […]

He Picked the Nail Polish

I knew it.  I knew all of my flexible, liberal, permissive gender morals were going to get me into trouble someday.  You see as much as I hate society and everyone in it, I also love society, and everyone in it.  I want to be a part of it.  I want to be normal, while at […]

The Stories We Don’t Tell

I tend to be fairly forthcoming and open on this site.  In fact, I am often revealing far more than is comfortable or advisable, at least according to my wife and the internet.  I share stories about my life, and my thoughts on the world as it affects and applies to my children, and my […]