Do NOT Do Your Christmas Shopping Early

It sounds like a great idea.  Do your Christmas shopping early, so the costs are spread out over time, and you are not rushing around on Christmas Eve looking for last minute gifts.  It is like a beautiful package of common sense, wrapped up in a ribbon of duh.  And yet in practice, it is […]

It’s a Pizza… Covered in Fritos!

I couldn’t resist.  I love trying new things.  Yes, most new things are terrible, but I have to try them.  Root beer flavored Oreos.  Grape candy corn.  Cheeseburgers made of turkey.  All disgusting.  But I have tried them.  So it should come as no surprise then, that when I open the Papa John’s website to […]

The Inter-Child, One-Man, High Speed Relay Race

Well, it’s Wednesday again.  That means that Ruby has climbing after school.  She has so enjoyed the climbing walls at the Renaissance Festival, and she has scaled every tree on our property, so we thought she would like to take a climbing course this year.  And we were right.  She loves it.  Although I hope […]

The Difference Between Karma, Irony, and Murphy’s Law

Today I am here to use a real life example to demonstrate the elusive difference between the oft-confused karma, irony, and Murphy’s Law.  Because yesterday morning I had an unhealthy dose of all three. To begin with, Edward (who always gets up at the crack of the middle of the night) decided to sleep in. […]

How the Boy Tricked Me Into Giving Him Chocolate For Breakfast

Just to give you a bit of backstory, exotic Aunt Oafanie arrived last evening bearing gifts of chocolate, which were partially consumed by the children immediately.  And that’s all you really need to know, for the scene is now set, as morning breaks into the Tenor Dad household.  Tenor Mom has just left to take […]

Teaching My 7-Year-Old Daughter to Curse

A few nights ago I had the rare chance to spend an evening alone with my daughter.  My wife was at a meeting and my son was in bed, so Ruby and I got to pull out the superhero toys and fight some battles.  As we were setting everyone up, she asked me when she […]

The Diminishing Returns of Repeated Scare Tactics

Every night after we read stories and take medicine and put jammies on, we send my daughter up to brush her teeth and then one of us parents goes up to tuck her in.  One day, as I was walking up the darkened stairs to her bedroom, she jumped out and yelled “Boo!” at me, […]

I Missed the Bus

Yesterday was Edward’s last first day of pre-school.  We had gone in on Monday for the orientation meeting, but school didn’t officially start for him until Tuesday.  Tuesday meant a new first day of school outfit, it meant a full morning away, and it meant the most favorite and best part of all of school, […]

Fire Drills

As this is, quite possibly, my mother’s favorite story to tell about me, I figured it was time to share it with you all.  After my parents’ divorce I became responsible, at least in my own mind, for a great many things.  As the oldest child of a family of latch-key kids, it fell to […]