Things I Will Miss Forever

A very sad thing happened to me last night.  As we are in the middle of moving (again!) and I had not unpacked the kitchen yet, the family spent another exciting dinner at the mall food court.  I went up to the Taco Bell and tried to order my usual, except my usual no longer […]

The Food Trucks of New York – Part 8

As my long time readers may or may not recall, I once started on a quest to find all of the top 25 food trucks in New York City, as chosen by New York Magazine.  If you need to catch up, the links are at the bottom of the page.  Well, as of my last […]

The Cobb Salad Disparity

Do you remember when I told you about walking around the park with my voice teacher Nark?  If so, then you may also recall that we generally ended up at a restaurant afterwards, and last night was no exception.  In fact, we ended up at the same diner that we had eaten at the last […]

Ordered it Median, Got it Mode

I think my waitress must have been confused.  Perhaps she got her mathematical terms mixed up.  I know that many people leave school and quickly forget about the differences between the mean, the median, and the mode, but the differences were quite plain to see in my cheeseburger. Now first of all, if you stand […]

Sausage Gravy

A while back I stole my mother’s recipe box so that I could scan a bunch of recipes and learn to make all the foods I loved as a child.  So obviously the recipe box sat next to my scanner for months until my mother finally complained loudly enough for me to actually get the […]

The Fight For the First Bite

Trying to feed my (almost)two-year-old is extremely frustrating.  He never wants to eat anything.  Now, sure, this would be annoying no matter what the situation, because one of the prime parenting instincts is to put food into your child, but what makes it even more obnoxious is the fact that he loves almost every food […]

Breakfast Cereal

I am a terrible parent.  I routinely break one of the cardinal rules of parenting handed down to me by my mother over many years of hearing cardinal rules of parenting.  I know that I cannot be a competent parent, because Ruby’s favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.  This is a big no-no, which I know-know, […]

The Names Change But the Food Stays the Same

Last night I hosted my 9th annual Oscars party.  This is basically the only time during the year that I actually host anything, so I get pretty excited about it.  One of my favorite parts of hosting is trying to come up with horrible puns that will link the party food to the nominated films, […]

Asian Chipotle

As I continue my drive home from Florida, I have stopped over in DC for a day, which happens to be the test market for a new restaurant from the creators of Chipotle (i.e. McDonald’s).  Since Chipotle is pretty much the best place in the world for fast casual burritos (sorry, Moe’s!  Love ya!), I […]

Saturday Night Steak Night Night

Until recently, I had heard only rumors and legends concerning Saturday Night Steak Night.  Words whispered on the winds, disappearing as fast as they had come and fading from memory almost as quickly.  I knew that it involved steak of course, and that it took place on Saturdays, but the only other clue I had […]