Nerdstock.  That’s what we voted to call our weekend.  It beat out other suggested titles such as “Nerdvana,” “Nerdfest,” and “The Conclave of Nerds,” as well as many other titles not suitable for printing in a family publication such as this one.  Like deer camp without hunting, like the Olympics without any sort of athletic […]

Would You Rather…?

One of the most important things for any parent to know is the schedules and locations of any restaurant where kids eat free within a fifty mile radius of their house.  The closest and most popular place for my personal family is Denny’s.  Tuesday nights.  Kids eat free.  We go there a lot.  Not as […]

The Difference Between Girls and Boys

I’ve learned a few things about girls in my lifeFrom sisters and friends, from my mother and wife,But all of this info can barely hold waterCompared with the stuff that I’ve learned from my daughter. For instance I’ve learned that, when shopping for toys,There isn’t much difference between girls and boys.Sometimes she wants Barbies and […]

Falling the Wrong Way

My son needs stage combat lessons.  Or physics lessons.  Or maybe both of those lessons and more.  But however we solve it, the problem is that Edward does not know which way to fall down.  One of his most recent favorite games is Pillow Fight.  We play this by throwing pillows at each other in […]

Hiding the Giant

We have a new favorite game at my house.  It is called “Hiding the Giant.”  Actually, when Edward says it he says “Hiding the Gi-nant,” and technically I suppose it should be called “Hiding FROM the Giant,” but whatever you want to call it, we play it all the time. The game goes something like […]

The Animal Sounds Game

Ruby was home sick from kindergarten yesterday with a cough and a sore throat.  I took her in to the doctor to be sure that it wasn’t anything too serious or contagious, and they sent us home and said to basically wait it out and she would be fine.  So that left us at home […]

Playing Spiders

Edward has a new favorite game.  I don’t know that it has a name, but it always starts out with him making his hands into little spiders and calling out “Oh SPI-ders!”  That would be my cue to make my hands into spiders as well and have them crawl over to his spiders.  He calls […]

How to Survive a 9 Hour Car Trip With Children

Do you know what I used to hate?  Cars with DVD players in them.  I thought, what terrible parents would let their kids watch TV and/or movies on car trips, thus melting their brains and making them boring and stupid?  What a loss to culture and society if the next generation of children does not […]

Edward’s Words: A Matching Game

Now that Edward has started speaking in full sentences and his word count is exploding, we are no longer worried about his speech delay.  He seems to be catching up well, and communicating nicely.  This does not mean, however, that you will always know what he is saying.  Like most two-year-olds, Edward has his own […]

The Brotherhood of Brother-In-Laws

My wife is one of three sisters.  She is married to me, her younger sister is married to Uncle Tall Dave, and her older sister is not married at all.  Uncle Tall Dave and I get along very well, which is good since we have to spend all major holidays together as the only two […]