20 Things the Internet Taught Me About Parenting

Man, people back in the old days must have been confused all of the time.  How would anyone know how to raise children if it weren’t for all of the research and time-tested opinions that are currently available to everyone with online access?  Babies do not come with instruction manuals, but then they don’t really […]

Random Thoughts From an ADDled Mind

1) You can tell how much I have listened to a song by how well I can sing the instrumental break. 2) People who are clamoring for a “dislike” button on Facebook are greatly overestimating how much people enjoy everything they themselves are posting. 3) Causing the ten cars behind you to slam on their […]

My First Angry Troll

I suppose it had to happen eventually.  When you write things and post them on the internet, you are making yourself vulnerable.  That is part of what being an artist is in the first place.  Whether you sing on stage, act, paint, write, or otherwise create, you have to make yourself vulnerable, to criticism, indifference, […]

I Have An Opinion, and That Makes it True

I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I read comments on the internet.  I know it’s not healthy, and I always come away feeling worse than I did when I started, but somehow I can’t seem to stop myself.  When I am finished reading an article, there are the comments right below it.  It only […]

The Neighbors Left With Our Internet

Blogging in my phone is really annoying. It is hard to see, hard to push the right buttons, and autocorrect is always changing stuff without telling me. And yet, phone blog I must, because the neighbors left with the Internet. When I left for Florida a month ago, we had three neighbors living blow us […]

Stop Reading This

So here I am, down in Florida, and at first I was kind of upset about not having a car and not having any internet.  I was kind of bored and a little miserable.  Pretty much my life revolves around being in the car, being on the internet, and being with my family, all of […]