I Am Not a Journalist. I Am Not a Reporter. I Am a Blogger.

First of all, have you seen the new Spider-Man movie? It is fantastic. Best one yet. Tom Holland take all of the magical awkwardness of Tobey’s Peter Parker and all of the smooth quippiness of Andrew’s Spidey, and combines them into the best fully developed characterization we’ve had yet on the big screen for my […]

My Son Is Wonder Woman

I wasn’t sure about taking my son to see Wonder Woman. He’s only seven, and it seemed like it might be a little intense for him. He didn’t even want to go! Both he and my daughter had to be dragged to the movies, which seems ridiculous to me as a movie lover, but there […]

If They Still Made Hit Summer Movie Theme Songs

Last year I lamented the fact that the big summer movies no longer have the big summer songs attached to them. Remember the days when all the best albums were soundtracks? Footloose? Men in Black? If there was hit movie, you were listening to the music from it on the radio! But alas, no longer. I […]

One Theory on Why Oscars Viewership Was Down

President Garfield said today that the number of viewers for this past weekend’s Academy Awards was down, and that it was because of him. And isn’t everything about him? Besides being orange and mean, President Garfield is very intuitive. He has the best intuits. He is basically a huge tuit-head. But I have another theory. […]

The State of the World’s Ghostbusters in 2016

Let me be clear right from the start that the original Ghostbusters is my favorite movie of all time. And so when I was angry about the remake (and I was angry about the remake), it had nothing to do with gender, but with the fact that it would be a hard reboot, and not […]

Why Must the Haters So Furiously Hate Together?

I am not a very good judge of quality. I know this. Sometimes it makes my job difficult; sometimes it makes my life difficult. But I have a low bar. I just like things. I am a liker. Even things that are terrible to most are enjoyable to me. Not that there aren’t things I hate; […]

Who Is Voting Is As Important As Who Is Running

Sunday night I hosted my 13th annual Oscars party, and a group of people slightly too large for my apartment gathered in my living room to watch the show. We had our normal foods, Revenachos, Mad Snax: Veggie Road, The Cheese Danish Girl, and a Bridge of Pies. We had a spotlight on some cheese […]

Oscar Nominations 2016

Last year, as you may recall, I made a bet with Cave Dane, my brother-in-law who is good at winning, as to which one of us could more accurately predict the best picture nominations prior to the announcement. And obviously, he won. Despite the fact that I host an epic Oscars party every year, and […]