Last Day in Florida

Today is my last day in Florida.  Tomorrow morning I am flying home to the frozen north where, my mother tells me, school was canceled yesterday due to cold.  It was 33 below zero.  Hooray.  So any odd or amusing videos I make from now on will not have palm trees or orange trees in […]

Opera Should Be Fun

To some, opera is a very serious art form.  I certainly don’t mean to diminish the amount of time, effort, and money that goes into such a grand proceding, but those things are not why I went into music.  Yes it takes weeks, even months to learn a role.  It takes serious hard work, and […]

Ruby Hates Opera

Posting all of those videos last week made me think of the first mildly successful video I ever posted.  It was back in 2007 or 2008 and I was trying to learn the role of Ferrando in Cosi fan tutte.  The problem was, Ruby did not enjoy my singing,  She was a little baby, and […]

Tech Week

Some of you who are not in the world of the performing arts may not know about tech week, so I am here to warn you about it as a public service announcement.  Tech week is an evil thing concocted by a mad scientist living in a volcano somewhere, and it is designed to destroy […]

The New JG Wentworth Opera Commercial

Don’t worry folks, this is not turning into a video blog, we’ll be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled programming. It’s just funny how the timing happened to work out on this one. You may recall last November that I recorded my first television commercial.  I had no idea when it would be released, or […]

The Three Rules of Singing Opera

As a popular and extremely famous opera singer, I am sure that all of you would like to know my secret. How can you do what you do, you are thinking as you read this. Well, I will tell you, so that we can be famous opera singers together. That is just how nice of […]

Tonal Eclipse

I am leaving for New York one week from tomorrow.  This is partly exciting, and mostly terrifying.  The exciting parts are the fault of my agent, my voice teacher, and my family.  The terrifying parts are the fault of Leonard Bernstein. I suppose he thought, since it was his last show, that he could write […]