A Singer’s Guide to Fake Russian

As a professional singer, you are called to sing in many languages, including some in which you are not fluent. This can be a challenge at first, until you realize that most languages are basically the same and English is the connecting thread for almost all of them. The English language is a living, evolving portmanteau […]

The 58th Annual Grammy Nominees for Best Children’s Album

Hey everyone! In case you didn’t notice, the Grammy nominations were announced this week! This is very exciting, unless you were not nominated, in which case this sucks. I was not nominated. But it’s ok! I am not bitter! It could be because I did not release any albums this past year! I will blame […]

When the Show is Done

Last night I performed my role for the last time. Months of learning, weeks of rehearsing, and six performances later it was all finally finished. I will not step onto the stage to inhabit the role again, at least not as part of this production. It’s done but, like a jet-lagged brain trying to readjust […]

A Little Good-Old-Fashioned Racism

The only thing that should surprise me, really, was how surprised I was at the displays of racism I encountered yesterday in small-town Vermont. But I was surprised. It shook me out of my little progressive bubble that is my accidental hiding place from the rest of the world. I don’t mean to hide, and believe […]

National Suicide Prevention Week, September 11th, and A Fleeting Animal

This week, September 6-12, is National Suicide Prevention Week. Yesterday was Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day. This is the time. Get educated. Learn the warning signs. Be aware of the risk factors. Suicide affects so many people in this country, and it is so preventable. Now is the time to help someone, or to get help […]

5 Things My Wife Thinks I Should Blog About

I’m home with the boy today, due to health issues that continue to plague us, and I am feeling kind of sad. I have an opera to memorize by tonight, which I was supposed to be hardcore cramming today, but instead I am watching Word Girl and eating Marshmallow Crispy Oreos. I have no ideas […]

Image Credit: Alastair Muir

A Good Rehearsal Prank to Play if You Are a Zombie

So I was at rehearsal the other night, rehearsing my death scene (as one does if one is in an opera), and I decided that it was time for a good prank. Death scenes are such downers, and we needed to lighten the mood, especially after hours and hours of tiring rehearsal. So when I […]

Photo Credit: Alexander Souvorov

Infamous Gigs – Revenge Singing Gone Wrong

I wasn’t sure if this was a package deal or not, but I had auditioned for this conductor in New York and I had been hired to both sing in a new opera, as well as for a special one-time only, one song concert of revenge, and so I agreed to do these things. Contracts […]

The Only Time I Ever Walked Out of an Audition

I used to go to auditions all the time. Sometimes I wasn’t feeling great. Sometimes I was running late and ran into the audition room breathless and stressed out. I always sang anyway, even when maybe I shouldn’t have. “Hey,” said youthful arrogance, “even me at less than 100% is still better than everyone else, […]