Merit Badges For Singers

Were you ever a scout?  Boy Scout? Girl Scout?  Cub Scout? Talent Scout?  If you were, then you remember your sash full of merit badges (or, possibly, you remember your friends’ sashes full of merit badges, and your own sad sash with that one lone merit badge you got for carving your name onto a […]

Music I Wish I Had Written

Have you ever loved something so much that you wish you had created it?  It sounds, on the surface, like a very strange thing.  Are we not lazy Americans?!  Is it not better to have someone else do the work, and then to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor?  What is is […]

The Homophobic Opera Singer, and Other Living Oxymorons

If you were following the news in the opera world over the past week, chances are you came across the story of Georgian soprano Tamar Iveri, who was happily preparing for a show with Opera Australia when suddenly somebody noticed that she had posted a letter online last year that referred to non-heterosexual persons as, […]

What If My Kids Want to Be Musicians?!

So here’s a funny thought.  I am a musician by trade, and my children are way too young to know what they want to be yet.  They think they know, but I don’t believe “Iron Man” is an actual job.  At least not yet.  But someday they will have to make career choices, and there […]

Okay, Okay, I’ll Talk About Fat Opera Singers Again

I have spoken before about just how fat opera singers should be, but it seems that my advice did not take hold across America and the world, because we’re at it again.  It’s time for another cultural argument about the weight of various opera singers, and pretty much only the female ones (though not entirely only […]

Should You Be an NFL Cheerleader, or an Opera Singer?

A dark and terrible secret has been revealed recently, concerning the NFL and their compensation of cheerleaders.  Not only did the cheerleaders receive no benefits, but they received almost no salary.  They were responsible for all of their own training, equipment, travel expenses, and pretty much everything else that costs money, and then were required […]

If You Can’t Understand the Words, You Won’t Enjoy It

Iway eednay otay ieflybray iscussday otway ingsthay erehay odaytay.  Ethay irstfay, isway ictionday.  Ingerssay.  Easeplay enunciateway enwhay ouyay areway ingingsay!  Ifway eoplepay areway ugglingstray otay understandway ethay ordsway atthay ouyay areway attemptingway otay ommunicatecay, eythay illway otnay ebay ableway ableway otay aypay attentionway otay ethay essagemay ehindbay osethay ordsway.  Away ustratedfray audienceway isway anway unhappyway […]

Why We Shouldn’t Save San Diego Opera

San Diego Opera recently announced that it would close this June, after its 49th season of providing excellent music and theater to its city and the world.  That sucks.  What sucks even more is that they were in the black.  No bankruptcy filings are happenings.  No public financial scramble for donors, or kickstarter projects, or […]

How to Tell Whether You Are Writing an Opera or a Musical

It’s a classic conundrum that every human being has encountered at least once in their lives.  There you are, writing music for an over-the-top production of some sort, and you suddenly realize that you have no idea if you are writing an opera or a musical.  We’ve all been there, right?  Luckily for you, I […]

If It Weren’t For Opera…

Opera is amazing, right?  It is the convergence of all types of art, from music, acting, and dancing, to painting, fashion designing, and even sculpting from time to time.  It is passionate, funny, and intense, and there are plenty of reasons to appreciate it on its own, just for what it is.  But even if […]