Opera Bowl 2014

Well, it happened.  The most opera ever in a Super Bowl.  After all of the “hype” and “controversy” that the media stirred up, an opera singer sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl.  Was it good?  Was it terrible?  Did it help the world of classical music and opera?  Did it hurt it?  Well, […]

A Few Thoughts About Renée Fleming, The Super Bowl, and The Bieb

Opera megastar Renée Fleming is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday.  For some reason, this has made some people upset.  So I would like to say, in the nicest way possible, let’s sit down and figure this out as friends.  You idiots.  I mean, I don’t know who you want to sing […]

A Year Without Opera

Well, it’s official.  Today is the last day of 2013, so unless there are any surprise contracts coming my way with rehearsals starting this afternoon, I have spent the entire year without any opera gigs.  And it’s not like I didn’t do a lot of singing, and tons of other cool stuff, but it is […]

Audition Season! Concert Season! Audition Season! Concert Season!

As if the lives and schedules of singers weren’t dysfunctional enough on their own, some sadist out there decided to make the months of November and December, and more specifically the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, both audition season and concert season.  Why opera companies would want to hold all of their auditions during those […]

The Ten Best Operas For Halloween

It’s that time of year again.  The season when you want to enjoy some Halloween music, but are tired of listening to “Purple People Eater” on repeat and you don’t know where to turn.  Well, why not turn to the world of opera?  There are plenty of Halloween-appropriate works to really get you into the, […]


The opera Tosca, written entirely by Giacomo Puccini (except for the libretto help from Luigi Illica, but come on, he can’t have helped that much), is a comedy of epic proportions, centered around the character of Mario Cavaradossi, a bumbling painter who is the subject of numerous pranks at the hands of his girlfriend Floria Tosca […]

More Opera Limericks

Gianni SchicchiThere once was a wealthy old dudeWhose demise got his family unglued.Not because he was dead,No, they all mourned insteadFor his assets.  Now, isn’t that rude? RigolettoThere once was a lecherous heel,A Duke, who made all the girls squeal.But it was the last straw When he bedded Gilda,So her dad hired Sparafucil. Madama ButterflyThere […]

Why People Don’t Go to the Opera Anymore

Do you want a list of reasons why people don’t go to the opera anymore?  Well, a simple Google search will give you plenty of them.  It’s too expensive.  People can’t understand foreign languages.  Operas are too long.  None of their friends are doing it.  It is for old people.  It is for cultured people.  […]

Opera Limericks

l’Elisir d’amoreThere was once this kid, Nemorino,Who seemed sweet, but, hey, what do we know?He fell for Adina,And, in love’s arena,He solved all his problems with vino. ToscaA singer of beauty and powerWas fine yesterday at this hour,But then she stabbed a copAnd her boyfriend got shot,So she flung herself off of a tower. FaustThere […]

The Contract That Almost Was

I was sitting in my living room on Friday evening, going about my business and getting ready for dinner when I got a call from my agent.  An opera company on the other side of the country needed a tenor, and they needed one fast.  Their original tenor had died suddenly with no warning, and […]