Grade Schoolers Assemble!

“No, I’m not excited about it; it’s stupid,” she said as she unpacked her backpack. This was a fair point. As a veteran of many, many school-wide assemblies I can say with some certainty that the likelihood of it being very boring was quite high. The flyer the school had sent home about it, however, […]

Instruments for Small Children

Accordion, Trumpet, Maracas, Trombone, Viola, Euphonium, Flute, Saxophone, Piano, Bassoon, Banjo, Didgeridoo, Pick one to learn; if you wanna, pick two! Piccolo, Tuba, Guitar, Violin, Harpsichord, Oboe, French Horn, Theramin, Bagpipes, Celesta, Cello, Double Bass, Practice them all ’till you’re blue in the face! Shofar, Marimba, Calliope, Kora, Ukulele, Ocarina, Recorder, Xylophone, Sackbut, Kazoo, Fiddle, […]

On Sundays We Dream of Fire: Conversations With a Kindergartener

As a stay-at-home-dad, no one can accuse me of not spending enough time with my kids, but this weekend, with my wife out of town, I got an extra helping of “quality time.” This meant more bickering, more whining, more frustration, and more exhaustion, but it also meant more opportunities for deep and meaningful conversations […]

Dancing Through Angels

I was in a hurry. I was on my way to school. I was late. Pick up was in a few short minutes and I had been delayed when the dog suddenly decided to need a pee break at an unexpected time, so I was jogging through the cold winter air, trying to beat the […]

The Various Meanings of “Don’t”

I love the English language. No, seriously, I do. I have so much fun with its quirks. I enjoy how several different words can be spelled differently, and yet pronounced the same. I love how several different words can be spelled the same, and yet pronounced differently. And of course, I love how one single […]

Who Should You Blame When Your DNA is Faulty?

It is not an easy thing, getting genetic testing done on your DNA. For one thing it is very expensive, and insurance companies don’t always like to pay for it. And by “very expensive” I mean “more than I have made in the past decade.” So you don’t want to just have it done without […]

Twelve Adventures: #1 – Covered Bridges

Happy 2016! We made it! This is the future, and we are alive! It is time to live like we have arrived. No more worrying about what might happen (because what did that ever get us anyway?), but instead we focus on new themes and goals and challenges that we will face with joy and […]

You Celebrate Your Children’s Milestones – Do You Celebrate Yours?

Childhood is full of milestones. So many of the skills that we use every day are learned during those early years of development; reading, writing, walking, talking, all of these activities arrive with triumphant recognition by the parents. Growth charts on the wall mark the progression of height, and every school year now comes with […]

The 2015 Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt (CESH), and What Came After

Every year, my wife’s family spends Christmas Eve together, eating cookies, drinking tea and hot chocolate, opening gifts, singing carols, and running around the downtown area publicly humiliating themselves. So basically just your normal holiday traditions. We rotate the responsibilities of designing and constructing the epic photo/video scavenger hunt each year, and this time it […]