Wishful Thinking

You told me to get in my bed You did But, wow, there’s so much stuff to do! You said to get straight into bed I know But honestly When do I listen to you? You tell me “Don’t touch that!” And out creeps my finger You say “Hurry UP!” And I sit there and linger […]

A Year Without Seizures

One year ago today, in a pool at a water park, as we were killing time waiting to ride the Polar Express, Edward had a seizure. I don’t want to use hyperbole and say it was the most terrifying one he’d ever had, and honestly after so many of them you do get, if not […]

The Salvational Power of Giving

The last time I was depressed (and I mean really depressed) I lost almost everything. I don’t talk about that year very often, because I would much rather be funny and uplifting and joyous. But it happened, and I could start to feel it happening again. I quit Facebook and social media. I stopped blogging […]

The First Pumpkin-Related Injury of the Season

I have been accused of having proportionally inverse reactions to pain. And it may be true. When I am minorly bonked in an upsetting and inconvenient way, I howl as though I were just dealt a mortal blow and all is lost. On the other hand, when I am actually seriously wounded I tend to […]

Subtle Tricks and Extra Treats, or How Edward Got So Much Candy

Halfway through the evening it was clear who was ahead. Of course it wasn’t a competition, but if it were a competition, Edward was handily beating his sister in the candy collection department. She noticed it too. Ruby’s pillowcase was fuller than it had ever been before, but Edward’s was fuller-er. How could this be? They […]

The Calvin and Hobbes Long Con Halloween Costume

It was already decided. By November 1, we all knew what our Halloween costumes were going to be for the next year. We were going to do a family themed transformers rescue bot costume set, which involved me constructing four costumes out of cardboard boxes that would actually transform from cars into robots. Luckily I […]

Parenting, Politics, and the Placebo Effect

As I was scrounging around the internet for unsolved mysteries the other day (I found my bag, by the way!), I came across one of the most puzzling phenomena in existence. We have all heard of the placebo effect, and we know that it is real, but it makes no sense! Two people can take […]

Rationing Out the Wolves

You live in an isolated area close to a forest. You have almost everything you need right where you are, but from time to time you need to travel to the village, which is on the other side of the woods. There are wolves in the woods.  It’s okay though, you know about the wolves, […]

Daddy, Will You Take Me Hunting?

This was not a question I ever wanted to answer, but there it was, hanging in midair between my son and I we were driving home. Would I take him hunting? I mean, of course not! I have never fired a gun, do not plan on ever firing a gun, have no interest in guns […]

Parenting: An Exercise in Taking Things For Granted

Every night for the past several years Ruby has jumped out to scare me as I walk upstairs to tuck her in at bedtime. It was scary the first time. It was sort of surprising the second time. After that it was cute for a while, then annoying, and then it just became a part […]