Legacy: Weeding the Memory Garden

I’m going to have something really exciting for you tomorrow. Today, all I have is this. I sat down this morning and began to put together something really fun for “Tenor Tuesday,” but tomorrow will have to be Tenor Wednesday, because today I am looking at pictures. And really it all started last night. Ever since […]

Brundibar: My Daughter’s First Opera

For those of you just joining us here at Tenor Dad, I should inform you before we begin that I am not talking about my daughter seeing her first opera. No, avid readers will recall that her first opera that she ever saw was Gianni Schicchi at the age of 4. Therefore, I cannot be writing […]

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothing

It was the night before her birthday. She was finally in bed asleep (i.e. reading), and that meant it was time to wrap the presents. Turning 9 doesn’t happen every day, so there were some good gifts stashed away in our secret gift location. When I got to the end of the pile, I came […]

Half Over – A Mid-Parenting Crisis

This is it; the halfway point. It has taken so long to get here, but where has the time gone? Tomorrow Ruby will turn 9. Half of her childhood will be gone. And since she had a leap year in her first, fifth, and now ninth years, but will have only two more childhood leapyears […]

To Protect Your Children’s Identities Online, Give Them Famous Names

In these troubled times of Snapchat harassment, Facebook stalkers, catfishing, and stolen identities, we parents are more concerned than ever as to how to keep our children safe online. It is doubly a worry then for we bloggers, who put information about our children online all the time. How can we protect them? We’ve all […]

How to Deal With Dating in Kindergarten

He insisted on a bike ride, even though my bike is broken, so I jogged along behind him with the dog straining at her leash, trying desperately to keep up with speed demon Edward.  I tried to convince him to stay within eyesight, and this worked for a while, but soon we got closer to […]

Twelve Adventures: #3 – Boston!

Yes, we had to take a trip to Boston Children’s Hospital as a part of our continuing family epilepsy adventure, but there was no chance that we were going to take such a trip without injecting a whole lot of fun into it. Life is full of many kinds of adventures, and it’s important to […]

What We Talked About Yesterday At Boston Children’s Hospital

First off, thank you all for caring so much about our little family. Thank you for the messages, thoughts, ideas, prayers, and support. As you know if you are a regular reader of this page, we had a very rough fall. One of the most oft-suggested piece of advice during our time of trial was […]

5 Potential Benefits of a Piercing Shriek

A short while ago I posted my opinion that my son’s happy noise is, sadly, one of the worst sounds I have ever heard in my life, and that it is causing me irreparable hearing loss. All of this is still true. And yet, as I was talking to a neighbor of mine who has […]