Diary of Bad Parental Decisions, Entry #1723: Hosed Down With Gasoline

Sometimes I make good decisions.  Other times I make what I think are good decisions at the time, but they don’t turn out well in the end.  And then sometimes I just do stupid, stupid things.  Yesterday was one of those times. Edward, my three year old, is very interested in cars.  Lately he has […]

Go Sit in That Chair! Right Now!

I honestly don’t know what my children have to complain about.  As far as I am concerned, they have it pretty good.  In fact, young Tenor Dad would likely be quite jealous of his future children.  For instance this weekend, when the temperatures were approaching equatorial proportions, we took our two lovely offspring to the […]

Double Free Cone Day

In case you missed it, yesterday was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s.  And if you did miss it, well, I feel very sorry for you.  There is nothing more delicious than Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, except for free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and since the price of a small cone is […]

Bring Your Child To Work Day

One of the many joys of being a stay-at-home-dad/musician is that, when I have music related things to do in the daytime, I often have to bring Edward along.  The most frequent example of this is my weekly worship planning meetings that happen every Monday as a part of my job as Minister of Music […]

The Birthday Miracle

After the cupcakes at school, the trip to the chocolate factory, sneaking off with her aunt to get her ears pierced (don’t get me started), and having a generally awesome sixth birthday, Ruby wanted to cap off the day with a dinner at Denny’s.  You can tell we are good parents, because Denny’s is about […]

A Tale of Two Elmo Balloons

We took the family to see Sesame Street Live again yesterday.  This was our second time, and Ruby’s best friend from school came with us.  This worked out very well, except that this friend had brought money with her for a souvenir.  That meant that we had to shell out money for stuff for our […]

Circling Vergennes

It’s about a five and a half hour drive home from New York City, and by the last hour of that drive, you really want it to be over.  This is why it is so cruel for those signs for Vergennes to be messing with you so much.  Vergennes is a city about half an […]

Things You Never Want to See

There are some things in life that you just never want to see. For instance, you don’t want to see a giant truck driving the wrong way down the highway right at you.  Luckily, after my heart resumed beating, I realized that it was just being towed and was not, in fact, about to plow […]

To Get The Girl, You Need the Moves

I know that many of you out there are wondering, “Tenor Dad, you seem like someone that might have a hard time finding someone to marry you, what with your constant misadventures and general ridiculousness.  And yet you are married and have two children.  How did you do it?”  Well, since it is Valentine’s Day […]

Things That Used to Be Scary

Do you remember when things used to be scary?  Halloween was full of nasty creatures that terrified us, and stories used our hidden fears to create monsters that spoke to things we couldn’t even put into words.  Our fear of the unknown drove us to imagine horrible bloodsucking vampires, monstrous werewolves, eerie ghosts, and wicked […]