Things, and Where I Find Them

One of the problems with having children is that they are always putting stuff where it does not belong.  I’m not just talking about dumping out four large bins of toys all over the living room floor, although, saints preserve us, they do that too.  I’m not even talking about all the times they leave […]

Playing Spiders

Edward has a new favorite game.  I don’t know that it has a name, but it always starts out with him making his hands into little spiders and calling out “Oh SPI-ders!”  That would be my cue to make my hands into spiders as well and have them crawl over to his spiders.  He calls […]

Gingerbread House Making Party

Some time ago, a year? two years? my wife discovered a blog wherein an annual tradition was described.  This family held a gingerbread house making party every year, and we have been talking about doing one ever since.  This year we finally got our act together and put one on.  Six houses, six families, two […]

How I Killed Magic: The Polar Express

Every year in Vermont (and possibly other places too), The Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation puts together a ridiculously awesome holiday experience known as “The Polar Express.”  The event is based on the now-classic children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg, and not really based on the creepy and weird, but for some reason now also classic, […]

Two Year Old Changing a Tire

It’s wintery time again, which means that, for those of us living in the frozen north, it’s time to switch to the winter tires again.  Switching the tires on your car is not an easy or fun chore, but isn’t that why we have children?  Traditionally children were produced to work in your field and/or […]

A Visit to the Neurologist

Two weeks ago, as many of you know, we started a very scary couple of days here with regards to my daughter’s epilepsy.  Ruby, who is five years old, had three very long seizures within a four and a half day period, sending us to the emergency room and freaking us completely out.  Since then, […]

I Almost Couldn’t Vote

I was very excited to vote yesterday.  Like most Americans, I got up, got my two-year-old into his Iron Man Halloween costume, dropped his sister off at kindergarten, and drove to the polls.  I went early, because I was worried about all of those big lines I kept hearing about.  Even though I live in […]

The Avengers! – A Halloween Photo Gallery

 Captain America!  Wait, does Iron Man ride a tricycle? Cap and Iron Man, ready for battle/candy! The Mighty TenorThor! Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, doing their superhero poses! Hey, where did that Hulk come from!? Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor, together at last! When Disney bought Marvel, they made one small change […]

The Perspective Provided By School Pictures

It’s always weird to go back and look at old pictures and try to reconcile how you remember feeling at the time the picture was taken with what the actual image says to you now.  I see my high school graduation photos and remember thinking how old and grown-up I felt, like I was ready […]

A Literal Wild Goose Chase or The Killington Hay Festival

We are an adventurous family.  When we hear of some event or festival, we go to it.  If there is something crazy to do, we are totally on board.  New experiences are our bread and butter, so when we heard about the Killington Hay Festival, there was pretty much no chance that we were not […]