Early Morning Photo Shoot

When I started Tenor Dad around two years ago, I needed to choose a picture for my avatar, and I didn’t know what to choose.  A picture of myself?  A picture of my kids?  A picture of me singing on stage?  What felt right?  What could possibly capture everything that I wanted these pages to […]

A Two Year Old at the Dentist

Ah, the dentist.  Traditionally feared and hated by children of all ages, this poor misunderstood creature only wants to bring smiles to the faces of all humankind.  It’s just unfortunate that they often try to do so via loud, scary sounding instruments and needles stabbed into your face.  Yes, one bad experience at the dentist […]

Converting a Bike Into a Balance Bike

After Ruby’s crash and subsequent new bicycle, we didn’t know what to do with her old bike.  Since it was just sitting there not helping anyone, and it had no brakes, I decided to convert it into a balance bike.  For those of you who don’t know, a balance bike is basically a regular bike, […]

Tenor Dad Goes Bowling

Kids love bowling.  This is a true fact, and even though my kids had never been bowling before, I knew that they would love it.  Because they are kids.  And kids love bowling. They have played Wii bowling before, and they loved that.  They also have played home bowling using a rubber ball and some […]

How Ruby Got a New Bike

Yesterday I decided to do something ambitious.  I had taken the kids biking several times before, down to the lake, around the block, down the street to get slurpees, and to a couple of different playgrounds, but all of those trips were relatively short.  For some reason I got it into my head yesterday that […]

Lighthouse Tour of Portland, Maine

This past weekend the family and I headed north east to Maine to visit my father.  Normally when we visit him we don’t go out and do things.  We stay home and hang out.  This time, however, we had pre-planned a trip to Portland to see some lighthouses.  This is a great family activity, because […]

Uncle Bear

I don’t know exactly at what point Ruby’s favorite toy became her teddy bear, but once it happened there was no looking back.  A gift from her aunt and uncle at her baptism, the bear slowly but surely moved up the ranks to emerge as the number one toy in Ruby’s life.  When she got […]

The Architects Of Our Own Destruction (The Family Hike)

We are the architects of our own destruction.  This is what I reminded my wife of yesterday as we trekked back down the trail at the end of our disastrous family hike.  Battered, bruised, bitten, beaten, and bleeding, it was hard to remember why we thought this was a good idea in the first place, […]

The Impact of Smart Phones on Bananas

Last year I read an article that said that kids these days don’t know that when you point to your wrist it means you want to know what time it is.  Supposedly this is due to the fact that they no longer wear watches; they check the time on their phones.  This is very annoying, […]

Closing Ceremonies

Well, that’s it.  Ruby is out of pre-school.  And although yesterday was her last day, they held the closing ceremonies two days earlier, on Monday evening.  Why they decided to give everyone their certificates and then have them go to school for two more days I’ll never know, but that’s how they did it.  Maybe […]