Help Me Pick My New Headshot

Well, I got the results back from my recent photo shoot, and out of over 100 shots, I have narrowed the field down to three.  But as anyone who has ever had headshots taken knows, it is very difficult to choose the final shot, especially as many of them look so similar.  It can all […]

Billy Budd

Billy Budd is a 20th century opera written by English composer Herman Melville, under the pen name of Benjamin Britten, which is only to say that you will not go home humming anything from this opera, if you know what I mean.  I suppose technically it was also written by librettists E.M. Forster and Eric […]

Peep Cake!

I have to be honest.  We did not have the best Easter ever this year.  At least 50-100% of us were sick, and Edward was the sickest of all.  His eyes were a little goopy, and for that reason we decided that we could not take him to church.  And what is Easter without church?  […]

Leprechaun Attack

Ruby’s birthday started off with a bang yesterday as we arrived at school to find that the place had been ransacked by leprechauns.  Despite the leprechaun traps placed all over the school, the entire building was covered with little green footprints.  The water had all turned green.  Chairs were tipped over, books were upside down, […]

The Mardi Gras Parade

On Saturday, Ruby and I went downtown to the Mardi Gras parade.  Edward and Simone were napping, but Ruby really wanted to go, so off we went.  Never mind that Mardi Gras was actually a week and a half earlier.  Who cares about boring specifics like the date when there is a parade to be […]

I Need New Glasses

It has been a while since I got new glasses.  For one thing, my wife’s insurance at her old old job had great vision insurance, but the insurance at her old job did not include vision or dental.  Now she has a new job which does include these things, but it has been almost two […]

A Picture of My Penis

Last night, while I was out making pizza, I got a text message from my wife that included the latest family portrait drawn by my daughter.  Ruby, like all children (and adults, even if they won’t admit it), loves to draw, and one of her favorite subjects is her family. Now, we’ve seen pictures of […]

Edward’s First Surgery

Edward had his first surgery yesterday at 19 months old.  After 10 or more ear infections in the first year and a half of life, we finally broke down and had tubes put in his ears.  They used to do this for kids all the time, but I guess the current trend is to avoid […]

Ruby Scales the Wall: RennFest 2011

For the past 7 years, I have attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival, but it did not seem like a tradition that was going to continue after the move to Vermont.  Little did I realize just how much I wanted to go.  The real reason behind the trip south after the recital, through the circus and […]

The Circus

Parents, I have a warning for you.  There will come a day when you will be tempted to cram too much fun into one day.  It will end in tears.  Resist!  You cannot do two exciting things on one day, even if you really want to, and you cannot do even one exciting thing on […]