Righteous Anger Flow Chart

People seem to be really angry these days, but I don’t think they know why.  Luckily I am here to help.  You see, most anger is born out of fear.  Fear of the unknown, or fear or something you know about yourself, stuff like that.  But we don’t realize this, and we think that all […]

How the Cake Fell on Ruby, and Other Stories

My mother was watching my children while I was in Mew York for my audition, so when I got home Simone and I decided to have our Valentine’s Day date early, before we had to pick the kids up.  Since we were going to a 40th birthday party for Uncle Big Dave (my sister’s husband, […]

How to Make a Super Sandwich

Yesterday, I made the biggest sandwich I could. And here’s how I did it. First, get a loaf of bread. A whole loaf. Second, slather it with condiments. You can never have too much mayo! Next you put as much meat on as you can. In this example I used roast beef, pepper crusted turkey, […]

Top Chef Season 42

The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a farmer.  Young me sat down with my Mom and planned out my whole farm.  We talked about what I wanted to grow, and where the farm would have to be located if I wanted to grow grapes and green peppers next […]

104 Years Old

On January 19th, 2011, sometime in the morning, my Nana passed away.  She was born on December 4, 1906.  She lived a long and (mostly) happy life, and when she died, she was 104 years old.  She lived through the great depression, both World Wars, and a lot of other history, good and bad.  She […]

Requiem for a Bathroom

Thank you all for coming today to celebrate the life of one of the finest rooms I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, the Spider-Man Bathroom.  It had a good, albeit short life, and I hope we can all remember the good times we had there.  You might call it the conversation piece of the […]

Lady Gaga vs. Super Mario

Many of my friends went to see Lady Gaga in concert last night.  Many more of them wished they could have seen Lady Gaga in concert last night.  I hate that stupid Alejandro song, but otherwise I have enjoyed her music and the fact that she dresses like a Hayao Miyazaki movie on crack.  But […]