How to Cram Two Children and a Large Tree into a Mazda 5

“It’ll fit,” I said, sizing up the tree out in the field. “It’s the perfect size.” My wife was the one who’d found it, using her spacial awareness superpowers to sniff out the perfectly sized and shaped tree for our living room. She wasn’t in costume, but her superpowers still worked. Ruby agreed that this […]

Super Harvest Blood Moon 2: The Doomening

It has happened once before in my lifetime, but I was 4 years old and somehow I missed it. This time I was prepared. I would see the second Super Harvest Blood Moon, and I would see it good. To prepare for this cosmic event I did little to no research and then, at the […]

Instant Playground – Just Add Imagination

Yesterday, our courtyard mysteriously filled up with cardboard boxes and a city was built. Hideouts were constructed, alliances were formed, and a world was created. Legend tells of a kitchen that was installed, causing the appearance of the boxes, but the truth may never be known. Regardless, there was fun to be had, and it was […]

Infamous Gigs: Exclusive Okee Dokee Brothers Edition

Last night my children and I had the extreme honor and privilege to see the Grammy-award-winning duo The Okee Dokee Brothers perform their first ever Vermont show. It was a beautiful evening out at Bread and Butter Farm, and though they always have marvelous music and fantastic food there, last night just seemed extra special. We […]

Recording the Counterpoint Album

We did it. After two days, 17 1/2 hours, 22 songs, 16 singers, countless takes, and infinite caffeine, we recorded an album this weekend. You may recall that I was previously involved in a Kickstarter project to raise money for a new recording of Pete Seeger songs with choral group Counterpoint, and this weekend was […]

The Best Experience a Dad Blogger Can Have

Some days I write for myself, just to get something out of my system. Like yesterday. Other days I write for you. Yes, you. I write something that I hope you will enjoy. I hope you will laugh, reflect, learn, or smile. Like the day before yesterday. But honestly, I write a lot of these […]

My Robot Just Killed Your Painting. Now It’s Dead.

Today was very nearly the first weekday that I did not post something, ever, since the beginning of Tenor Dad. Though I have pledged not to write about my son’s health in these pages anymore, at his request, to understand today’s story you must at least understand that we were in the hospital. From the […]