Nerdwatching at the “Weird Al” Yankovic Concert

Nerdwatching, or nerding, is a form of wildlife observation in which the observation of nerds is a recreational activity. It can be done with the naked eye, through a visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes, or by listening for nerd sounds. Most nerdwatchers pursue this activity for recreational or social reasons, unlike whedonologists, who […]

How To Entertain Your Young Children at Fenway Park

This past weekend I accidentally took my family to the hottest, most boring place in the entire universe: Fenway Park. We were there to watch the Red Sox defeat the Astros 5-4, and while we did technically do that, we had to do a lot of other things as well because of how not cool […]

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number Your Children Can’t Remember

How old are your parents? Do you know? Can you tell me the number quickly without thinking about it? Do you even care? Perhaps you, like me, only remember their birthdays and birthdates, and then have to recalculate every time you need to know. Hmmmm, let’s see, she was born in, uh huh, yup, and […]

Falling Off a Log – Turns Out It’s Quite Easy

Due to the good time we had the last time we went, and the fact that our personal pirate pal Captain Jane Swallow was going to be there, our family trucked down to Vergennes for the annual Kids Pirate Festival at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. There were no plans to fall off of any […]

Fare Thee Well, Sweet Wife

Oh wife. It is I, husband. Today you take your leave of us, as you travel to far off New Hampshire to finish your master’s degree. We are all so very proud of you, but I hope it is not selfish of me to say that I wish it were not so. Do not confuse […]

The Final Countdown

“I only have 16 days of school left,” my daughter said nonchalantly as we walked home on Wednesday afternoon. A feeling of terror crept over my body. Could this be true? Could this possibly be true? No! There was no way. “No, that can’t be,” I said. “You have two weeks in June, so that’s […]

The Only Dad

So here’s a question I was asking my wife the other day: Is it weirder that I am often the only Dad at things, or is it weirder that I don’t think it’s weird? Because on the one hand, I am consistently seeing more Dads involved in things like pick-up or drop-off of kids, or in […]

Birthday Cake For a Dog

Anna turned 1 on Friday, and the kids demanded that we throw her a birthday party. She needed presents, and bacon for breakfast, and to wear the birthday hat, and to eat cake. As a member of the family, she was entitled to all of the birthday accoutrements that one would normally reserve for humans. […]

Infamous Gigs: The Postal Museum

It all started because my good friend Mim, with whom I attended high school, moved down to D.C. and got a job at the Postal Museum. What?! Have you never heard of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum?! Then you are not a true museum nerd, D.C. buff, or semi-professional philatelist! Because, though it is not as […]