We have a tradition in our car.  Whenever we drive by a certain hillside on a certain section of highway between Williston and South Burlington, the driver will shout out “WHALE TAILS!” and then everyone else in the car will echo back.  “WHALE TAILS!”  We have done this for as long as I can remember, […]

The Nerd Cupcake Challenge

I am leaving today to spend the weekend with a bunch of weirdos.  We are going to play board games and video games and do nerdy things like talk about geeky stuff.  I know.  It’s going to be awesome.  As part of this weekend we have each been assigned to bring part of the food, […]

The Roads and Rails Museum of Frederick, MD

My ten-year-old self has just found his new favorite place.  It was completely by accident of course; we went there with the intention of making my three-year-old son very happy.  Bleric Ack had been hunting up fun things for us to do while we were staying with him over Thanksgiving, and this was the top […]

What Are YOU Supposed to Be?

Ruby spent last evening as a lightbulb.  This was quite obvious to those of us who knew this in advance, and even to those people who looked at her from the correct angle.  But then there were those other people, looking at her from the side, or the back.  They did not seem to recognize […]

The Chorus America Pumpkin: A Short History

One of my first jobs out of college was at Chorus America, the national non-profit service organization for choral music, choral singers, conductors, and administrators.  I started out as a summer temp, became the office manager, and ended up as the database administrator and webmaster.  But no matter how often or drastically my job description […]

Crowd Control

It’s official.  I am a Vermonter again.  It has taken a few years of this relaxed pace of life to find my groove, but I no longer assume that every other driver on the road is out there for the sole purpose of cutting me off, and when there are long lines at the supermarket […]

The Origin of A Magical Bear – KIDS CITY GIVEAWAY!

If our house ever caught fire, the first thing I would do is make sure that my family was out of the house and safe.  The second thing I would do is to make sure that Bear was out of the house and safe.  Forget family photos and important documents.  Those things can all be […]

The Contract That Almost Was

I was sitting in my living room on Friday evening, going about my business and getting ready for dinner when I got a call from my agent.  An opera company on the other side of the country needed a tenor, and they needed one fast.  Their original tenor had died suddenly with no warning, and […]

My Daughter Has Shark Teeth

About a year ago, at her normal check-up, the dentist told my daughter that her teeth were starting to get slightly loose, and that she would probably have lost one or two by her birthday.  This was the most exciting news possible to a five-year-old, and she spent countless hours attempting to wiggle her, as […]