How I Spent My Summer, By Bear

Hello.  This is Bear.  I am using my magic and taking over the computer.  I think there should be more posts about bears, so I am going to tell you all about the fun bear things that I did this summer. To start with, Ruby took me with her to Syracuse.  I tried to drive […]

Edward’s Thoughts on Preschool

You know, I was really looking forward to sending Edward to preschool.  Freedom!  Four mornings a week to myself!  And then he had to go and get on that stupid bus and make me all sad and stuff.  Not cool.  His Mom rode in with him for his first day and then I had to […]

Late Night Labor Day Coca Cola OCD Emergency

Ah, Labor Day weekend.  Time for friends and family.  Time for relaxing and enjoying some down time.  Unless you are crazy, in which case it is time to do something stupid for a dumb reason.  Guess which category I fall into? There I am, Friday night of a long weekend, and I realize that it […]

Surprise Tenth Anniversary Vow Renewal

For our fifth anniversary, I surprised my wife by flying her to Las Vegas and staging a vow renewal ceremony at an Elvis wedding chapel.  It was our thought at that time that every five years seemed like a good opportunity to recommit to each other, and so we started thinking about our tenth anniversary. […]

Arbortrek Canopy Zipline Tour

In case you somehow missed it, last Friday was my 10th wedding anniversary.  Yes, yes, please hold your applause to the end.  As I was informed by a friend involved in a 49 year marriage (and counting), we are still newlyweds.  But still, a decade of loooooove seems like it deserves some celebration, so we […]

Bear’s Birthday

Last Monday was Bear’s birthday.  Most of Ruby’s toys have birthdays that either fall on her birthday, or on Chirstmas, and the rest of them have birthdays that we cannot remember because they came home to live with us at assorted unremarkable times.  This is not the case with Bear.  I’m not sure if it […]

The International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

When last we spoke, I told you of the woes I encountered on the way to an attempted family adventure.  We got lost.  We sat in traffic for hours.  We had no money and none of our cards worked.  The wind and rain were on the verge of cancelling the whole thing anyway.  It was […]

I Just Gave a Time-Out to a Camel Puppet

So it’s come to this.  All of my decisions and life experiences, which I thought were involved in making me into a rational and capable human being, have led me to this moment in time.  I just gave a time-out to a camel puppet. To be fair, the camel puppet was acting like a jerk.  […]


I have been searching around for reviews of the Burlington, VT 4th of July celebration fireworks from the 3rd of July.  So far I haven’t found any, so I thought I would post my thoughts here, in case anyone was interested, like, the city of Burlington or something. My review can be summed up in […]

Surprise Wienermobile

My family and I spent the past several days in Syracuse, NY visiting my wife’s sister.  We did a lot of fun and exciting things.  We went to an amazing science museum, hiked around a lake, found some spectacular restaurants, and toured the zoo.  But none of these things could compare to the surprising excitement […]