The First Not Day of Pre-School

I kissed my children this morning and watched them head out the door to walk to school with their mother. With both of them at school full days now, my mornings are busier, but less hectic. I showered, dressed, searched the house for my required personal items, and then I left for my meeting at […]

The Last Day

This is it. The last day of pre-school. The last time Edward will take a bus to school, as we live across the street from the elementary school where he will begin Kindergarten in just 2 short months, 3 medium sized weeks, and one long day. Goodbye to the amazing program that has taught and […]

I Hope His Teacher Likes Baymax…

Uh oh.  The last days of school are winding down before Christmas break, which means we are heading into the dangerous waters of…(dun dun duuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!) teacher gifts.  When I was a kid, we had one teacher, and we brought them one gift.  It was often something terrible that either we made, or got for $5 […]

I Missed the Bus

Yesterday was Edward’s last first day of pre-school.  We had gone in on Monday for the orientation meeting, but school didn’t officially start for him until Tuesday.  Tuesday meant a new first day of school outfit, it meant a full morning away, and it meant the most favorite and best part of all of school, […]

The Adventures of a Field Trip Chaperone

Monday Night– Asked the bus driver if I could ride in with Edward the following morning; was told I had to ask the school about that.– Called the school to ask if I could ride the bus in; was told I had to ask the bus– Picked out farm-appropriate clothing for the both of us– […]

It Was the Best of Kids, It Was the Worst of Kids

He wanted to play outside, so I decided to bring my lunch down to the courtyard and watch him run around while I ate my food in the chilly winter air.  I had gotten a lovely sandwich from the deli on the corner, along with some Cheetos that I was determined to keep a secret […]

What Your Favorite Holiday Songs are REALLY About

Last week I went in to my son’s preschool classroom to sing for them.  Once they found out I was an opera singer it was all over.  They wanted me to come in and do some opera for the three and four year old set.  But I also wanted to sing with the kids, so they […]

What They Teach Them in Pre-School These Days

Edward is three and a half, and he loves pre-school.  I mean loves it.  The only way I can get him to go to bed at night is to tell him that he has school in the morning and he can’t go if he is too tired.  I am aware that this strategy will likely backfire […]

Edward’s Thoughts on Preschool

You know, I was really looking forward to sending Edward to preschool.  Freedom!  Four mornings a week to myself!  And then he had to go and get on that stupid bus and make me all sad and stuff.  Not cool.  His Mom rode in with him for his first day and then I had to […]

Preschool Orientation

Excited.  Very excited.  Really, really, really excited.  These are just a few of the words I could use to describe our feelings yesterday morning as we took Edward in to his preschool orientation.  He wore his new first day of school shirt, put on his backpack, and got his lunchbox ready, despite the fact that […]