I Missed the Bus

Yesterday was Edward’s last first day of pre-school.  We had gone in on Monday for the orientation meeting, but school didn’t officially start for him until Tuesday.  Tuesday meant a new first day of school outfit, it meant a full morning away, and it meant the most favorite and best part of all of school, […]

An Evil Cliché Comes True

Every morning for the past infinity days, we have had to drag my daughter out of bed and rush her crying off to school because, like her father, she is a night owl.  She stays up in her bed reading until who-knows-when, and mornings are not her time to shine.  I empathize.  If I could […]

Music is the First to Go

It is school budget voting day today here in Burlington.  Again.  Voters previously rejected the school budget, so now we have to vote on version 2.  And a lot of things have happened since version 1.  For one thing, we have many new school board members.  We didn’t just reject the budget, but the folks […]

Yes Officer, That’s My Son

Time to padlock the front door!  Some of you may recall that a year or so ago we had a slight problem with small children escaping through the front door at very inconvenient times.  We solved this issue with a lock installed on the inside of the door juuuuuust high enough so that Edward could […]

Making Valentines

Sure, we could just buy Valentines at the store and then write names on them, but where’s the fun in that?!  My mother taught me better.  For Valentine’s Day, one must hand make and personalize cards for all classmates, relatives, and minor acquaintances, and no two can be the same.  Scissors!  Glue!  Tape!  Glitter!  Stickers! […]

What They Teach Them in Pre-School These Days

Edward is three and a half, and he loves pre-school.  I mean loves it.  The only way I can get him to go to bed at night is to tell him that he has school in the morning and he can’t go if he is too tired.  I am aware that this strategy will likely backfire […]

My First Regret

People have regrets.  We all do.  Maybe they’re not big ones.  Maybe they don’t affect our quality of life, or keep us up at night, but they’re there.  Unless you have lived a flawless and perfect life, there are mistakes you have made along the way.  And I suppose what makes a mistake into a […]

Edward’s Thoughts on Preschool

You know, I was really looking forward to sending Edward to preschool.  Freedom!  Four mornings a week to myself!  And then he had to go and get on that stupid bus and make me all sad and stuff.  Not cool.  His Mom rode in with him for his first day and then I had to […]