Preschool Orientation

Excited.  Very excited.  Really, really, really excited.  These are just a few of the words I could use to describe our feelings yesterday morning as we took Edward in to his preschool orientation.  He wore his new first day of school shirt, put on his backpack, and got his lunchbox ready, despite the fact that […]

The Death of Summer Vacation

When I was a kid we had twelve weeks of summer vacation.  School got out the first/second week of June and resumed after Labor day.  Then, while I was in high school though I forget which year exactly, they proposed a new schedule giving us only ten weeks of vacation, and people flipped their schnitzel.  […]

The Impact of a Good Teacher

Two years ago I wrote a post that explained why I did not become a mathematician.  It was a negative story about a negative experience with a negative person.  But it suddenly occurs to me that I ought to tell you the story of why I became a musician.  This is a more positive story […]

I Need a Disguise

Parents, I think you know where I am coming from here.  Whether it is the babysitter, a teacher, or even grandparents and other relatives, kids seem to behave themselves far better for other people than they do for you.  We get all worked up trying to apologize in advance to whoever is going to be […]

The Problem With My Brain

There is a problem with my brain.  I suspect that I may have ADD.  Or ADHD.  Or whatever they are calling it these days.  Thinking about it now, I was definitely that kid back in school, and even though they didn’t have Ritalin in those days, I’m sure they would have tried to give it […]

The Later We Are, The Slower They Go

The one thing you can never say to my kindergartener in the morning is “Hurry up.”  Well, that and “We’re late.”  Saying either of those things will immediately result in a complete meltdown of a crying fit and then you will never get anywhere.  What is required is a delicate dance of getting the child […]

The Perspective Provided By School Pictures

It’s always weird to go back and look at old pictures and try to reconcile how you remember feeling at the time the picture was taken with what the actual image says to you now.  I see my high school graduation photos and remember thinking how old and grown-up I felt, like I was ready […]

Little League Games and Middle School Band Concerts

The first time you try something, you are probably not going to be very good at it.  And if you are good at it, you will not be as good at it as the twentieth time you do it.  Even if you have previously gotten good at all of the skills that you will need […]

Kindergarten Lockdown Drill

Every day when I send my daughter off to kindergarten, I am making a huge assumption.  I am assuming that she is safe.  I am assuming that everybody is always nice to her and that her days are filled with learning to read and riding unicorns over rainbows.  No, I am not just sending her […]

What My Two-Year-Old Stole From Victoria’s Secret

We had a pretty busy day at the Tenor Dad household yesterday.  Ruby had her school pictures and, because this is 1978, we will know what they look like in just a few short weeks or months.  But it was not only school picture day!  It was also the day that we had to take […]