Class Warfare

The kids and I were eating lunch at Moe’s on Monday, because kids eats free on Mondays at our Moe’s.  That seems like a terrible sentence, but I kind of like it.  Anyway, we were at our booth, when a woman and two young boys came over to our table. “Excuse me, hi,” the woman […]

The Problem With Peanuts

My daughter’s school has a no-peanut policy.  But it is not just a no-peanut policy.  We are not allowed to bring in anything at all that has even been processed near peanuts.  For instance, because Snyder’s brand pretzels are manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, Snyder’s pretzels are prohibited at school.  The reason […]

Our First Parent-Teacher Conference

Yesterday, Simone and I went in to meet with Ruby’s teacher for our very first parent-teacher conference.  This was kind of a big deal.  For Ruby it meant that she got to stay home and be sad that she was not at school (I predict this will change over the next decade or two), but […]

Pre-School Halloween Parade

Today was the pre-school Halloween Parade.  Tomorrow is also the pre-school Halloween Parade, but that’s not the point.  Tomorrow is for kids who don’t come on Mondays, so they can participate too.  Today was for us. We finally (and by we I mean my wife and mother) finished Ruby’s costume yesterday, so she was all […]

Ruby’s Thoughts on School

Yesterday was Ruby’s first official day at pre-school.  She was excited; I was sad.  It went well.  She was only there for three and a half hours, and it was only her first day, but I was eager to get her impressions.  Here is what I got out of her. Me:  Ruby, did you make […]

To Ruby On Her First Day Of School

Ruby, today is your first day of school.  By now, I will have already dropped you off in your new school outfit that we picked out, and you will be meeting new people and making your way in the world under the guidance of someone other than me.  Partially your teacher, but mostly yourself.  Although […]