If I Never See Another Sunrise

If I never see another sunriseIt will be too soon.I’d much rather stay up lateAnd contemplate the moon.When the sun creeps in my window,Six or seven o’clock,It is less a pleasant thing,And more a nasty shock.Late to bed and late to rise,oh that’s the life for me.Mornings are for sleeping,or for grumbling sleepily.If I could […]

Sleep Deprivation

I am posting this kind of late today.  This because me am so tired.  Stupid baby not sleep at night.  Make Tenor Dad cry and gnash teeth.  And this is the third night in a row. Saturday night, Edward decided to get up around 3 am, and then basically just stay up for the rest […]

A Strict Candy Diet

When I was growing up, I viewed candy as a necessity.  There must always be candy!  So, being a little OCD anyway, I rationed my candy very carefully.  Each holiday provided me with just enough candy to last through till the next one.  It all started on Halloween of course (The Motherlode!), which gave me […]

Enforced Sleep Supervision

To begin with, I would like to thank all of my helpful readers who sent in suggestions after yesterday’s post on how to get my two-year-old son to stay in his bed and go to sleep.  I tried many of them, and finally arrived at my own solution.  Enforced sleep supervision.The first advice that I […]

Good Cop/Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop

So this bedtime thing is just not working out.  My two-year-old just will not go to bed, no matter what we try.  First we put his sister up in a loft bed, so that he would not be distracted by the temptation to jump on her all night.  Then, when he got jealous of her […]

How Not To Get What You Want

Ah, two and half year olds.  So cute and innocent.  They have not yet learned to lie, so everything they tell you is true.  Obviously telling the truth all the time is a terrible way to get what you want, though.  Have you ever tried to call in lazy to work?  No, it would never […]

Putting Together a Loft Bed Without the Instructions

Since we moved, way back in May, our two children have been sharing a room for the first time.  She’s 5, he’s 2, they can just deal with it, right?  Well, Edward has not been sleeping well, and he has been bothering Ruby, so she hasn’t been sleeping well either, and the whole room really […]

Reaping the Whirlwind

Edward has decided that sleeping is no good.  I mean, it’s okay for other people, it’s just not for him.  Scratch that.  It is not okay for other people either.  At least not people in his house.  Whereas he used to be a fabulous sleeper, for the past few weeks (or has it been months?  […]

First Night in a Big Boy Bed

It had to happen eventually.  As much as we wanted to contain our two-year-old in a crib forever, we knew the time would come when we would have to unleash him on the world, sleeping unrestrained in a big boy bed.  Since I have been having back problems, and lifting him in and out of […]