Just a Little Friendly, Old-Fashioned, Good-Natured Physical Abuse

Yesterday, as you know, was St. Patrick’s Day. I know you know this, because you either planned ahead and wore green, or you did not wear any green and then were mercilessly pinched all day by all the other festive jackholes who did. Yes, a little pinching for the non-begreeners has long been a tradition in […]

Prosperous Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving.  Happy Birthday.  Happy New Year’s.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Merry Christmas.  Hmmmmm.  Why does Christmas get a special greeting?  You know, in England they just say Happy Christmas.  You can tell this from watching Harry Potter movies.  So why did we choose “merry?”  Why not just leave it at “happy?”  Well, because merry just […]

Leprechaun Attack

Ruby’s birthday started off with a bang yesterday as we arrived at school to find that the place had been ransacked by leprechauns.  Despite the leprechaun traps placed all over the school, the entire building was covered with little green footprints.  The water had all turned green.  Chairs were tipped over, books were upside down, […]