How to Win Your Fantasy Summer Movie Draft

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I was in two fantasy football leagues this past winter (and by “past winter” I mean the one that started last October and continues to this day), and I have to say, for a first timer I kicked some tight end.  I was in first or […]

The Death of Summer Vacation

When I was a kid we had twelve weeks of summer vacation.  School got out the first/second week of June and resumed after Labor day.  Then, while I was in high school though I forget which year exactly, they proposed a new schedule giving us only ten weeks of vacation, and people flipped their schnitzel.  […]

Jury Rigging A Window Air Conditioning Unit For A Non-Compatible Window

Since the dawn of time, when prehistoric cave people were comfortably splayed out on slabs of cool rock in their retro cave dwellings, mankind has known one inalienable fact: you can’t sleep when it’s too dang hot.  While this has never been a problem for Vikings or Eskimos, it has become something of a problem […]