Random Thoughts From an ADDled Mind

1) You can tell how much I have listened to a song by how well I can sing the instrumental break. 2) People who are clamoring for a “dislike” button on Facebook are greatly overestimating how much people enjoy everything they themselves are posting. 3) Causing the ten cars behind you to slam on their […]

The Greatest Crossovers of All Time

There is nothing like a good crossover.  It’s the reason why “The Avengers” was the number one movie last year, and why there is so much fan-fiction written that attempts to blend two different universes.  There is just something inherently exciting and geek-tastic about two (or more) of your favorite characters meeting and interacting.  I […]

The Problem With My Brain

There is a problem with my brain.  I suspect that I may have ADD.  Or ADHD.  Or whatever they are calling it these days.  Thinking about it now, I was definitely that kid back in school, and even though they didn’t have Ritalin in those days, I’m sure they would have tried to give it […]

Where to Buy Super Hero Underwear For Girls

People, a miraculous thing has happened.  After lamenting last week that I could not buy my daughter any super hero underwear due to the fact that she is a female and is therefore supposed to only like Barbie and Hello Kitty, I got a message from a fellow blogger and a friend of mine.  Now, […]

Why My Daughter Can’t Have Super Hero Underwear

In my house, the only difference between boys and girls are their genitals.  We do not differentiate between “girl toys” and “boy toys.”  We do not separate out the “boy shows” from the “girl shows,” and we certainly do not restrict clothing choices based on gender.  I mean, we don’t put my son in dresses, […]

Letting Go: Further Confessions of a Former Collector

As many of you will know from a previous post, I am in the process of cleaning out my life.  I am trying to get over my attachment to stuff, and as I have recently learned, it is not so much a decision as it is a slow, painful journey. As part of my rehabilitation, […]

A Well Rounded Child

Sometimes I worry that my children are going to be too much like me.  I mean, of course they are going to be somewhat like me, but really what I hope is that they can take all the best parts of me, plus the best parts of everyone else on the planet, and become some […]


For some reason the question “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” seems to come up a lot in life.  At least in my life, anyway.  Job interviews, friendly conversations, internet boards, and psych evaluations all seem to think that the answer to this question will reveal something significant about your deeper […]