What Happened To Saturday Mornings?

As the parent of two young children, the thing that is most prominently on my mind at all times is: “How can I get more sleep?”  Now that Ruby is in kindergarten, there are not many days left for sleeping in, especially for my poor wife who has to get up for work five days […]

Television Binging

People don’t watch television the same way they used to.  We buy whole seasons of shows on DVD, or on some cases whole series.  We have every episode of something streaming on Hulu or Netflix, and even while shows are actually being broadcast people complain if there are repeats or a week off with no […]

Attending a Letterman Taping

It is very easy to attend a live taping of “The Late Show” starring David Letterman.  Sure, I know on their website it says that you have to either fill out a form online or apply in person at the studio, and then you have only a small chance at getting a ticket and must […]

Consumer Abuse

Look, I know the point of capitalism is to take all of my money using any method possible, and if you think economic health is the end-all and be-all of life and country, well then I guess you are in the apparent majority, but seriously, enough is enough. This particular rant has nothing to do […]