Blogs on a Plane 2: Not on a Plane

I don’t think he made his connecting flight. But who knows? Maybe they held the plane for him. At any rate, I had finally made it to New York. Now I just had to figure out how to get from LaGuardia to my wife’s uncle’s apartment in Manhattan. I looked up the bus and subway […]

Blogs on a Plane

I’m on a plane. A very small plane. The kind you have to walk across the runway to. The kind that holds fewer passengers than the city bus. The kind that could be mistaken for a mosquito or other small bug. They just told us that we’re going to be held on the runway for […]

Ruby Park

When I was a kid, one of the coolest things to me was crossovers.  I still remember the anti-drug Saturday morning special that teamed Garfield with the Smurfs.  It had everyone from Alf to the Muppet Babies in it, and it blew my little 11 year old mind.  About a year ago I got the […]


Arrrrrrrgh.  Today be a special day.  A day ta celebrrrate all things Pirrrratey!  Ta starrrrt the day, I woke up arrrrrly and shivered me timbers right overrrr to the showarrrrrrgh.  I put on me Sunday best, surrrely I did.  Then, I hopped into me carrrrrrrgh.  Churrrrch ’tis only a few leagues away, so it wasn’t […]

Origin of the Feces

Those of you with weak stomachs may want to click away now, for today my topic of discussion is: (cue diabolical music)……poopy diapers!  This is on my mind because Baby Edward has just recently started on the solid foods and, as they say, what you eat is what you excrete.  At least they should say […]

In Choir

Last night was my last choir rehearsal at the First and Franklin Street Presbyterian Church (on neither first, nor franklin streets, by the way).  This was the start of my third season singing with them, and a terrible time to leave.  Sunday the 19th will be my last Sunday with the choir, just one week […]

Umbilical Cables

So as I mentioned the other day, my laptop is dead.  This is not really acceptable, as it contains a lot of data that is not otherwise backed up.  Luckily, the problem is not with the hard drive, and it seems that the hard drive data is fine.  I should be able to get it […]

Hershey Park

Blog the Tenth: in which junk is eaten, pants are peed, and prizes are won This past weekend we made our third and final attempt to get to Hershey Park.  We had plans to go with a friend of my wife and her daughter, but it has been a comedy of errors trying to actually […]