8 Things to Do When You’re Having a Bad Day

1) Stop having a bad day.  Seriously, it is up to you how your day is going, don’t you think?  Just decide that you are having a good day instead.  Then starting acting like it. 2) Make a list of all the bad things.  Then create an addendum to the list that indicates how you […]

Volume Discrimination

I am here today to talk about one of the more subtle evils that haunts every corner of our society.  This is a social ill so pervasive, and so ingrained in our collective subconscious, that you may not even realize that you are participating in this system of injustice, but you are.  We all are. […]

Hilarious Censorship

As I have mentioned before in these pages, I am not a fan of censorship.  My feeling is that if you don’t want your kids to hear all the swears in some song, then don’t let them listen to it until they are older.  And if you don’t like what is in a particular book, […]

Why Do Killers Have Three Names?

On Thursday night, at a midnight screening of the new Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises,” 12 people were murdered and over 50 were injured by a psychopath with a bunch of guns and some gas bombs.  The person who is currently in custody for these crimes was identified as local student James Holmes.  That […]

Common Things I Have Never Seen

As I was walking to the park last night, I saw somebody carrying something long and flat that I thought looked like a surfboard.  As I got closer, I saw that it was much too thick to be a surfboard, and was maybe a kayak of some sort.  And then it occurred to me that […]

A Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday I was attempting to do laundry at Nini’s again.  When we arrived I took the children upstairs and dropped them off so that I could go back downstairs for the laundry.  I’m trying to do it every week now, so that it’s not as overwhelming when laundry day arrives, and as such I had […]

Why People In Movies Never Have Toddlers

Have you ever noticed that movie characters never have one or two year olds?  They have babies all the time.  They certainly have teenagers and school age kids.  Sometimes they even have three or four year olds, but they never have toddlers.  This is because toddlers are uncontrollable balls of destruction that you cannot communicate […]

Stocking Up For The Rapture

Perhaps you are not aware of this, but the world is ending on Saturday. Well, I guess it’s not ending until October, but the chosen ones are getting spirited off to heaven on Saturday, according to some billboards I saw in Florida. Side Note: Billboards are illegal in Vermont; come visit! Anyway, my first thought […]

My Ex Brother in Law

You may recall from an earlier posting that I almost had a nephew named Gandalf Dumbledore.  This was due to the evil and stupidity of my ex brother in law.  There are so many stories to be told about him that they cannot fit in one blog posting, but he is on my mind again, […]