Most people, when they think about opera, think about singing.  Usually giant fat people singing loudly in a language that nobody understands.  Not me.  When I think about opera, I think about (maybe because I am a guy) sex.  Well, sex and violence.  And as it so happens, these are the two main themes of […]

Why Won’t She Talk to Me?

Maybe she is just punishing me for being away, but my daughter does not want to talk to me on the phone. Before I leave on a trip I tell her that I will miss her and that I will call her every day. She tells me she will miss me too and does not […]

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Stupidity

Yesterday, Florida got itself a new governor. Honestly, I do not follow Florida politics at all, and it was not a subject of high interest for me, but it seemed impossible to avoid. Everyone was talking about it, it was on every newspaper, radio station, tv show, and mind. As an outsider, here’s what I […]

Florida vs. Vermont

So here I am in Florida. I have just finished up my first day of rehearsal for “Rigoletto.” What can I say about Florida so far, except that it is the opposite of Vermont? Let’s examine the facts. Vermont: NorthFlorida: South Vermont: ColdFlorida: Warm Vermont: Land lockedFlorida: Pretty much surrounded by ocean Vermont: No Target […]

Dogs on a Plane

I got off the ferry from Vermont and met my mother in New York so that she could drive me to Albany. I had to go to Albany so that I could fly to Chicago. I had to get to Chicago so that I could fly to Tampa. I had to go to Tampa so […]

Elegy or Eulogy?

As we come to the end of another year, it only seems right to reflect back upon it and contemplate.  A debriefing, if you will.  What was good, what was bad, what could I have done better, and what can I do better next time?  But do I want to write an elegy, or a […]

Naughty Foot

Sometimes parenting schemes backfire.  Such is the case with naughty foot.  It all started about a year ago when I was trying to get Ruby dressed one day.  She was not wanting to put her clothes on, and was thrashing and crashing about, making it impossible for me to get her pants on her.  She […]

In Defense of Social Discomfort

Recently, amazon.com received a patent for allowing people to return gifts before they have even been received.  That really got me thinking about gifts, and the purpose of gifts.  On one hand, we are living on a planet of limited resources.  Why not let people convert their unwanted gifts into gift certificates for stuff they […]

House Hunting

Simone has a new job, so that can only mean one thing.  It’s house hunting season again!  Time to move out of our apartment that is literally the size of a two car garage (because it sits atop a two car garage)!  Time to move somewhere closer to civilization (or at least closer to her […]

The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Everybody was crazy, especially mouse. The stockings were hung by the DVD shelves In hopes that they still can be reached by the elves.   The children were supposed to be snug in their beds,But were whining and jumping and playing instead. And mamma in […]