Christmas Eve Shop ‘n’ Swap

I don’t recall having a lot of Christmas eve traditions growing up.  I mean, my father was a pastor, so we always went to church.  We also got to open one present on Christmas eve before we went to bed.  One year my sister and brother and I all got big stuffed talking Alvin, Simon, […]

Simone’s First Day of Work

Things are happening very quickly around here.  Last week nobody in my house had a job.  Then on Friday, Simone got an interview, Monday she got a job, and Tuesday she started work.  All was right with the world once again, as Simone headed off to the office for her first day (just 18 hours […]

The Top 10 Christmas Albums of All Time

Okay, okay, when I say “of all time” I really mean “on my iPod,” but really that’s all I have to go on, as I have not listened to every Christmas album of all time, and therefore would be a pretty poor judge overall. As a musician, one of my favorite parts of December is […]

Ruby’s Christmas Carol

Ruby loves to sing.  Of course, there is a lot of singing in our house anyway, as I am often learning (or supposed to be learning) new music.  But Ruby really loves to sing, and I have never seen her as excited about any music as much as Christmas music. I suppose it started last […]

This Just In: New York City Full of Jerks

My auditions are over for the season.  I sang my last one this morning.  But last night, before my audition, I took Simone into the city to see the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.  It has been on her list of things to do for years, so I took her as an […]


Lately I have been thinking a lot about the concept of home.  It is a strange issue for me, because I moved around a lot growing up.  By the time I was 15 I had lived in 13 different houses, so for me home wasn’t always about a place.  Unfortunately, home became my stuff, and, […]

Indian Call Center Guy

While I am in the DC/Baltimore area I am staying with my friend Preethy.  She is an American, although both of her parents are originally from India.   These facts, and many more, were the subject of intense interest to the man on the other end of the Comcast tech support call. The problem was, I […]

I Can’t Turn Off My Car

Another week, another audition trip to the big apple.   But this time I was also heading to Baltimore to sing some concerts afterward, so I needed to drive.  That meant I needed a car.  Now, we have two cars, but neither of them particularly work very well.  One of them is full of dents, shakes […]