I Am a Dirty, Dirty Man

For those of you trying to lose weight, there are a few tricks that you can use to, ahem, get better results, no matter which method of weight loss you are using.  For example, no one would ever weigh themselves after a huge dinner and expect to feel good about themselves.  Common sense tells us […]

The Difference Between Relative Fat and Actual Fat

Last night, as I was explaining to someone my many reasons for attempting to give up Coca-Cola, I was told that I was not fat.  In fact, people are always telling me that I am not fat when I tell them that I would like to lose weight.  That is when I have to point […]

How Fat Did You Think I Was?

Having arrived now in St. Petersburg, FL for the third time this year, I have naturally made some friends down here, and was very happy to see several people again, and it seemed as though they were happy to see me too.  One comment I have received from almost every person around is that I […]