My Daughter the Internet Superstar

Before we even begin, I need to remind you of something, because I know many of you are still confused by Facebook Parent Propaganda (FPP) and ill-informed educators. The Common Core does not dictate curriculum. Let me repeat: THE COMMON CORE DOES NOT DICTATE CURRICULUM. It says what you have to know, but not how […]

What Does Your Anagram Really Say About You?

An anagram, as I’m sure you astute readers are aware, is just a rearranging of the letters in a word or a phrase to make a new word or phrase. People use anagrams as a kind of code sometimes, to create pseudonyms or secret messages. So yes, there can be value in playing with anagrams. How […]

Something Counter-Intuitive That Resonates Deeply

In case you all missed the 4,000 times I posted the link yesterday, I can now add “Writer for The Good Men Project” to my resume.  Well, more like “Guy who had one of his pieces reprinted by The Good Men Project one time,” but it was still very exciting to me.  And you know, […]

I Don’t Know What I’m Talking About

Wow.  I really wish I was slightly more transparent in my note taking.  A little less vague.  Way more specific.  I have to write a post for today, but I can’t read any of my ideas.  I am not very helpful to myself.  You see, I write a lot of posts.  Five days a week […]

Why I Started a Blog

You know, I had been thinking about starting a blog for years, back when it was cool.  Bloggers were taking off, getting book deals, becoming popular and widely read, and it seemed like maybe something I could do.  I loved writing, and I had won various writing awards in my school days, so why not […]

Terrifying Swimsuit Face

I am trying to write a good post for today.  I swear that I am.  But I can’t.  I’m too creeped out by the terrifying swimsuit face.  It keeps staring at me from across the room and I can’t concentrate.  I was going to write something about how the whole family went to Kids Day […]

Forty Stories Long

People.  I have solved my problem.  And whichever important problem of mine you were thinking of, it’s not that one.  No, I have figured out what I am going to do for Lent this year.  Last week I was mildly complaining about that fact that all of the good things I was going to do […]

How to Write a Song

I like to write songs.  Some of them are okay.  Most of them are terrible.  A few might even be good.  But it occurs to me that people could be interested in how songwriting works, since music is this weird ephemeral thing that we sort of pull out of the air and create out of […]

Anachronistic Misnomers

As a writer, I am very interested in words and phrases, and one thing that has always fascinated me are those leftover words and phrases from times gone by that we still use, even though either a) we have no idea what they mean, or b) they no longer apply.  Words like overwhelm and underwhelm, […]

The Allure of a Sharpened Pencil

I don’t know what it is, but something about seeing a pencil with a nicely sharpened point really makes me want to write something.  And it has to be sharp.  A dull-looking old pencil doesn’t have the same effect on me as a nice sharp one.  Not needle sharp necessarily, but recently sharpened and ready […]