Change of Climate, Change of Attitude

Hey weather people!  Yeah, you folks on TV that tell us what you think the weather is going to be!  I’m talking to you!  I have something to say that you might want to think about.  You need to update your attitudes in terms of what people are hoping for in their weather patterns.

Sure, when it is late May or early June and the temperatures are around 80 with bright sun all day long, we are okay with you telling us that we are going to be pleased with the weather.  But when it is March and the temperature is 80, please do not put on your huge stupid smile and tell us that we are going to be thrilled that the weekend temperatures are going to be twice what they should be.

I get it.  Back in the old days before the climate started changing like crazy, an 80 degree day in March or April was very unusual, and people were excited.  We got out there and enjoyed it because we knew it was not going to happen again for years.  What made us like it was that it was not the norm.  We were not worried that perhaps the temperatures would stay overly high for the rest of the season, because we knew that it would be 35 again in a day or two and remain that way until Spring properly started.  But times have changed.

It would be nice if, instead of saying “You folks out there are going to love the weather this April weekend.  Temperatures will be approaching 90 and nothing but sun and clear skies!” you could maybe at least say “We are going to have some gorgeous sunny days this weekend, with temperatures well above normal.”  Just that little change would be okay!  You can still smile vapidly and point to your charts, just don’t presume to tell us that we are happy about a near-constant increase in average temperatures.

Look, let me be very clear here.  You weather people are the front lines in terms of how we get our weather information.  You have the power to influence minds and opinions about stuff like this, but if you keep on grinning every time we get a heat wave in the middle of winter, people are going to be less concerned than they ought to be.  And we ought to be concerned.  As I have said before, I am not totally blaming all of climate change on your corporate masters.  It could very well be a natural progression of earthly warming and cooling.  But honestly, it doesn’t matter why it is happening.  What matters is that we acknowledge that it is happening and that it is going to be a problem for us.  We can get to the blame game later.

So the next time you are standing in front of your green screen in February, and you see that it is going to be in the 60’s for a week in New England, put on your concerned face.  You know, your hurricane face.  If those guys across the room can sit there and report murder after grisly murder, and fire after horrible fire, you can get serious too.  Bad news boosts news ratings, right?  Isn’t that what they tell us?  So do your part for your ratings, and for your planet.  Let us know that you have bad news for us too.

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