Deport Them All

I’ve seen it over and over again. On Twitter. In the comments. On Facebook. This idea that it would be better to stop an entire group of people from being in this country because, well, some of them are dangerous. Some of them are criminals. And this is true. Even with a vetting process that can take years, the bad ones somehow always find a way to make it through. Even when they have been here for years, it doesn’t excuse them, because you never know. We have to stay on the safe side. We have to get rid of all of them. And I agree.

This one particular group that we have all been hearing about in the news lately is pretty much filled with the worst of the worst. Not paying taxes, fraud, destroying evidence, drugs, child molestation! The list goes on and on. And if, despite extreme public vetting, these criminals can slip through the cracks and destroy the very fabric of our society, then there is no choice but to deport them all. The group I am referring to is, of course, The United States Congress.

Senators, Representatives, Criminals. All of them? Well, maybe not all of them, but for our national security we cannot make an exception here. Until a new system of improved vetting is put into place (elections just aren’t cutting it), we must not allow this group of degenerates to remain within our borders. They must be sent back to whatever country they came from. And if they say they don’t have another country, well, then they can live at the airport. Or on a boat. They love boats.

In fact, while we’re at it, did you know that over 80% of violent crimes are committed by men? And we literally have no way of knowing which man will strike next. Let us lock all men up in prison, for reasons of national security. I know, I know, that would include me, but hey, we have to be willing to put aside our freedom for the sake of security and safety, right?

Or does that only include groups to which you do not belong?

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