Driving From Vermont to Florida

Well, this is it folks: my last day in Vermont.  Tomorrow I am driving to Florida.  If I don’t post a blog on Monday, it means I didn’t make it.  I was originally going to do the drive over three days, but then I realized how not-crazy that would be, so now I am going to do it in two.

I haven’t started packing yet, but I have my list, so it shouldn’t be too hard to throw it all together.  Let’s see, I need:
-My Gianni Schicchi score
-My La Rondine score, which did come in the mail, but which I have not learned yet.
-A case of Mountain Dew
-My GPS, Karen
-A giant bag of snacks
-My iPod, fully loaded with time-tested driving songs, like the techno remix of the Mortal Kombat Theme Song
-Other assorted items, like, you know, clothes and stuff

And so, by this time tomorrow, I will be on the road.  Of course I will be sad to miss mud season in Vermont (people not in Vermont call this season “Spring”), and it will be tough being away from my family on my birthday next week.  I don’t know what sort of fun anyone can have on a beach in Florida, so it will probably be pretty lame.  I will try to make it through though, and as long as I don’t get lost, I should have an interesting update for you all next week.  Now, which way is south?

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